Why Does Instagram Crop My Video

Why Does Instagram Crop My Video

Why Does Instagram Crop My Video? A Comprehensive Guide

Imagine this: you’ve just captured a stunning video, ready to share your masterpiece with the world on Instagram. But wait! When you upload it, bam! Instagram chops off the sides, cutting out a crucial part of your visual story. Frustrating, right? Join us as we unveil the reasons behind this puzzling phenomenon and explore ways to overcome it.

As social media evolves, so do its platforms. Instagram, the beloved image-sharing app, has strict guidelines to ensure a consistent user experience across its billions of users. One such guideline is its video aspect ratio policy, which determines the dimensions of uploaded videos.

Aspect Ratio and Instagram’s Crops

An aspect ratio refers to the width-to-height ratio of a visual display. Most videos are shot in a rectangular format with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.78:1). However, Instagram has set different aspect ratios for different video orientations:

  • Square: 1:1
  • Landscape: 16:9 (1.91:1)
  • Portrait/Vertical: 4:5 (0.8:1)
  • Reels: 9:16 (0.56:1)

If your video does not match these aspect ratios, Instagram will automatically crop it to fit the designated dimensions. This means that if your video is shot in 16:9 landscape mode but you upload it to a square or vertical post, Instagram will cut off the sides or top and bottom to make it fit.

Why These Aspect Ratios?

Instagram’s video aspect ratios are carefully chosen to enhance the user experience:

  • Square: Ideal for Instagram’s grid view and Stories, maximizing visibility in a small space.
  • Landscape: Perfect for showcasing wide-angle shots, panoramas, and videos captured in a cinematic style.
  • Portrait: Designed for mobile viewing, providing a more immersive experience for scrolling through vertical feeds.
  • Reels: Optimized for full-screen, short-form vertical videos, ideal for engaging and entertaining content.

Overcoming Instagram’s Crops

Now that we understand why Instagram crops videos, let’s explore ways to avoid this issue:

  • Shoot in Instagram’s aspect ratios: Capture your videos in 1:1, 16:9, or 4:5 to ensure a perfect fit without cropping.
  • Crop your video before uploading: Use a video editing software or app to crop your video to the desired aspect ratio before uploading it to Instagram.
  • Use a cropping tool on Instagram: Once you’ve uploaded your video, Instagram offers a cropping tool that allows you to adjust the dimensions and position.
  • Use Instagram’s “fit to screen” option: For Stories and Reels, Instagram provides a “fit to screen” option that automatically adjusts the video to fill the screen without cropping.

Tips and Expert Advice

In addition to the solutions above, here are some pro tips from experienced content creators:

  • Plan your shots: Before recording, consider the aspect ratio you intend to use and frame your shots accordingly.
  • Leave some breathing room: When shooting in 16:9 landscape mode, leave some extra space on the sides to account for Instagram’s slight adjustment to 16:9 (1.91:1).
  • Create engaging content: Capture videos that are visually appealing, informative, or entertaining to keep your audience engaged even if they experience some cropping.

FAQs on Instagram Video Cropping

  1. Q: Why does Instagram crop my videos in Stories?
    A: Instagram crops videos in Stories to fit the vertical 9:16 aspect ratio, ensuring a consistent and immersive viewing experience.
  2. Q: Can I upload a video that’s not in Instagram’s aspect ratios?
    A: Yes, but Instagram will automatically crop it to fit. To avoid cropping, crop your video beforehand or use Instagram’s cropping tool to adjust it.
  3. Q: Is there a way to stop Instagram from cropping my videos?
    A: The best way to prevent cropping is to shoot and upload videos in Instagram’s designated aspect ratios.
  4. Q: What are the benefits of using Instagram’s native aspect ratios?
    A: Using Instagram’s aspect ratios ensures a clean, uncropped display, maximizes visibility, and enhances the user experience.


Understanding why Instagram crops videos and knowing how to overcome it empowers you to create and share compelling visual content without losing any of your creative vision. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting out, these tips and strategies will help you navigate Instagram’s aspect ratio guidelines and showcase your videos in their full glory. So, next time you’re ready to post a video, remember these insights and unleash your creativity without limitations!

Do you have questions or additional tips on avoiding Instagram video cropping? Share your thoughts in the comments below!