Lg Tv Auto Dimming: A Complete Guide


LG is a well-known brand in the world of televisions, and it is known for producing some of the best TVs in the market. One of the features that make LG TVs stand out is the auto-dimming feature. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about LG TV auto-dimming.

What is LG TV Auto Dimming?

LG TV auto-dimming is a feature that adjusts the brightness of the TV screen according to the content being displayed. This feature is designed to enhance the viewing experience, particularly in low-light environments. When the TV detects dark scenes, it automatically dims the backlight to improve the contrast and make the image more vivid.

How does LG TV Auto Dimming work?

LG TV auto-dimming works by detecting the brightness of the scene being displayed on the TV. The TV uses an ambient light sensor to detect the amount of light in the room, and then adjusts the backlight accordingly. The TV also uses algorithms to analyze the content being displayed and adjust the brightness and contrast to optimize the image quality.

Benefits of LG TV Auto Dimming

Improved Viewing Experience

One of the main benefits of LG TV auto-dimming is that it enhances the viewing experience. The feature ensures that the image quality is optimized for the environment, making it easier to see details in dark scenes.

Reduced Eye Strain

LG TV auto-dimming also helps to reduce eye strain. By adjusting the brightness of the screen to match the environment, the feature ensures that the TV is not too bright, which can cause eye strain.

Energy Efficiency

LG TV auto-dimming is also energy-efficient. By dimming the backlight in dark scenes, the TV uses less power, which can save on energy costs.

Drawbacks of LG TV Auto Dimming

Image Flicker

One of the drawbacks of LG TV auto-dimming is that it can cause image flicker. This is because the TV is constantly adjusting the brightness of the backlight, which can cause the image to flicker.

Loss of Detail

LG TV auto-dimming can also lead to a loss of detail in bright scenes. This is because the TV dims the backlight to enhance contrast in dark scenes, which can cause bright scenes to appear washed out.

How to Turn Off LG TV Auto Dimming

Using the TV Settings

To turn off LG TV auto-dimming, you can use the TV settings. Navigate to the picture settings and look for the auto-dimming option. Turn this option off to disable the feature.

Using a Remote Control App

You can also turn off LG TV auto-dimming using a remote control app. Download a remote control app on your smartphone or tablet and connect it to your LG TV. Navigate to the picture settings and turn off the auto-dimming option.


LG TV auto-dimming is a useful feature that can enhance the viewing experience, reduce eye strain, and save on energy costs. However, it can also cause image flicker and a loss of detail in bright scenes. If you prefer to watch TV without auto-dimming, you can turn off the feature using the TV settings or a remote control app.