Samsung Tv Prime Video Not Working

Samsung Tv Prime Video Not Working

Samsung TV Prime Video Not Working: Troubleshooting and Fixes

I recently encountered an issue where Prime Video wasn’t working on my Samsung TV. It left me craving my favorite shows and movies, determined to find a solution. After extensive troubleshooting, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help fellow Samsung TV users resolve this issue.

Rest assured, you’re not alone in this endeavor. Many Samsung TV owners have faced similar challenges. Prime Video is a popular streaming service, and various factors can interrupt its smooth operation on Samsung TVs.

Network Connectivity Issues

Firstly, check your internet connection. Ensure your Samsung TV is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cable. Perform a speed test to verify adequate bandwidth for streaming. If you encounter connectivity issues, reset your router or contact your internet service provider.

Additionally, disable any VPN or proxy services that may interfere with Prime Video’s connection to its servers. Occasionally, firewalls or anti-virus software can also block access; consider temporarily disabling them and testing if Prime Video works as intended.

Smart Hub Issues

Samsung TVs utilize the Smart Hub platform for app access. Sometimes, glitches or updates can disrupt its functionality. Try restarting your Smart Hub by unplugging your TV from the power source for a few minutes. Upon turning it back on, navigate to the Smart Hub and check if Prime Video is accessible.

If the issue persists, consider resetting your Smart Hub. Navigate to “Settings,” then “Support,” and select “Self Diagnosis.” Choose the “Reset Smart Hub” option and follow the on-screen instructions. Note that this action will remove all downloaded apps and user data from your Smart Hub.

Outdated Firmware

Software updates often address bugs and improve system performance. Check if a firmware update is available for your Samsung TV.

Navigate to “Settings,” then “Support,” and select “Software Update.” If an update is available, follow the instructions to install it. Restart your TV after the update is complete and test if Prime Video is functioning correctly.

Reinstall Prime Video App

If the issue persists, try reinstalling the Prime Video app. Uninstall the app from your Samsung TV and then reinstall it from the Smart Hub app store. This action clears any corrupted data or settings that may be causing the problem.

To uninstall, navigate to the app on your Smart Hub, press and hold the “Select” button on your remote, and choose “Remove.” To reinstall, open the Smart Hub app store, search for “Prime Video,” and install the app.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

If none of the above solutions resolve the issue, try the following:

  • Clear the cache for your Prime Video app. Navigate to “Settings,” then “Apps,” select “Prime Video,” and choose “Clear Cache.”
  • Contact Samsung support for further assistance. They can provide additional troubleshooting steps or arrange for a technician to inspect your TV.
  • Check Amazon Prime Video’s server status. Occasionally, server outages or maintenance can affect the service’s availability. Visit Amazon’s website or social media pages for updates.
  • Try using a different streaming device, such as a streaming stick or game console, to access Prime Video. This helps determine if the issue is with your Samsung TV or the Prime Video app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Prime Video not working on my Samsung TV?

A: There could be several reasons, including network connectivity issues, Smart Hub glitches, outdated firmware, or a faulty Prime Video app.

Q: Can I fix the issue myself?

A: Yes, most of the troubleshooting steps can be performed by following the instructions in this article.

Q: What if none of the troubleshooting steps work?

A: Contact Samsung support or check Amazon Prime Video’s server status. Alternatively, try using a different streaming device to access Prime Video.


Prime Video is a vast and popular streaming service, and occasional issues can occur on Samsung TVs. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can resolve most of the connectivity problems and enjoy your favorite shows and movies seamlessly.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with others who may be experiencing similar difficulties. Are you interested in learning about other troubleshooting tips or topics related to Samsung TVs? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll be happy to provide additional assistance or explore new ideas.