Breloom Build Scarlet Violet: The Ultimate Guide


Breloom is a popular Pokemon species that gained a lot of attention among trainers in recent years. Its unique typing and moveset make it a versatile fighter in battles. One of the most popular Breloom builds is the Scarlet Violet build, which is highly effective in both single and double battles.

Breloom Overview

Breloom is a dual-type Grass and Fighting Pokemon that was introduced in Generation III. It has a decent base stat total of 460, with a focus on attack and speed stats. Its signature move, Spore, can put opponents to sleep, making it an excellent choice for disrupting enemy teams.

Scarlet Violet Build Overview

The Scarlet Violet build focuses on Breloom’s ability, Technician, which boosts the power of moves with a base power of 60 or less. This build utilizes Breloom’s access to powerful moves like Mach Punch and Bullet Seed to deal massive damage to opponents.

Move Set

The move set for the Scarlet Violet build is as follows:

Mach Punch

Mach Punch is a priority move that always goes first and deals damage. With Technician, its power increases to 60, making it a powerful move that can take down opponents quickly.

Bullet Seed

Bullet Seed is a multi-hit move that hits two to five times. With Technician, its power increases to 75, making it a potent move that can deal massive damage to opponents.


Spore puts opponents to sleep, making it a valuable move for disrupting enemy teams. It has 100% accuracy, making it a reliable move to use in battles.

Swords Dance

Swords Dance raises Breloom’s attack stat by two stages, making it an excellent move to use before attacking opponents. With an increased attack stat, Breloom can deal even more damage to opponents.

Nature and EVs

The recommended nature for the Scarlet Violet build is Jolly, which increases Breloom’s speed stat and lowers its special attack stat. This nature allows Breloom to outspeed opponents and deal massive damage with physical moves. The recommended EV spread for the Scarlet Violet build is 252 Attack, 252 Speed, and 4 HP. This EV spread maximizes Breloom’s attack and speed stats while providing some HP for survivability.


The recommended item for the Scarlet Violet build is the Life Orb. The Life Orb boosts the power of Breloom’s moves by 30%, but it also causes recoil damage. This item allows Breloom to deal even more damage to opponents while still maintaining its speed and power.


The Scarlet Violet Breloom build is a powerful and versatile option for trainers looking to add a Grass and Fighting type to their team. With its access to priority moves and powerful attacks, Breloom can take down opponents quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking to add a Breloom to your team, consider using the Scarlet Violet build for maximum effectiveness.