30 Flirty And Thriving Theme Party: How To Celebrate In Style


If you’re turning 30 this year, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a 30 Flirty and Thriving theme party. Inspired by the movie “13 Going on 30,” this party theme is all about celebrating your youth, independence, and confidence. From the decorations to the music, everything about this theme is fun, flirty, and full of life. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to plan and host the ultimate 30 Flirty and Thriving theme party.

1. Choose Your Venue

The first step in planning your 30 Flirty and Thriving theme party is to choose the venue. You can either host the party at your home or rent a venue that’s big enough to accommodate your guests. If you decide to host the party at home, make sure you have enough space for dancing and mingling. You can also decorate your home with balloons, streamers, and other fun decorations to create a festive atmosphere.

2. Select Your Invitations

Once you’ve chosen the venue, it’s time to select your invitations. You can either create your own invitations or order them online. Make sure your invitations reflect the theme of the party and include all the necessary information, such as the date, time, and location of the party.

3. Plan Your Decorations

The decorations are one of the most important elements of a 30 Flirty and Thriving theme party. You can use balloons, streamers, and other fun decorations to create a festive atmosphere. You can also use photos of yourself from when you were 13 to create a nostalgic vibe. Consider using a pink and gold color scheme to give your party a feminine touch.

4. Choose Your Outfit

When it comes to your outfit, think fun, flirty and youthful. You can wear a dress, a skirt and top or a jumpsuit. Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle and shine to your outfit. You can also encourage your guests to dress up in their favorite 13 Going on 30 inspired outfits.

5. Create a Fun Playlist

Music is another important element of a 30 Flirty and Thriving theme party. Create a playlist of your favorite songs from the 90s and early 2000s. You can also include some songs from the movie “13 Going on 30” to keep the theme going.

6. Plan Fun Activities

In addition to dancing, consider planning some fun activities for your guests. You can set up a photo booth with fun props, play games like pin the tiara on the birthday girl, or have a karaoke contest.

7. Choose Your Food and Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, think fun and festive. You can serve cupcakes, cocktails, and other fun snacks. Consider creating a signature cocktail for the party, such as a pink lemonade martini.

8. Don’t Forget About the Cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake. Consider ordering a fun and festive cake that reflects the theme of the party. You can also add some sparklers to make it even more festive.

9. Create a Party Favor

To thank your guests for coming, consider creating a fun party favor. You can create personalized lip glosses, mini champagne bottles or other fun items.

10. Invite Your Guests

Once you’ve planned all the details of your 30 Flirty and Thriving theme party, it’s time to invite your guests. Make sure you send out the invitations with plenty of time for your guests to RSVP.

11. Get Ready for the Party

On the day of the party, make sure you have everything you need. Set up the decorations, prepare the food and drinks, and get dressed in your fun and flirty outfit.

12. Greet Your Guests

As your guests arrive, greet them with a warm welcome and thank them for coming. Make sure they know where everything is and encourage them to have fun and mingle.

13. Enjoy the Party

Once the party starts, make sure you take the time to enjoy it. Dance, mingle, and have fun with your guests. This is your night to celebrate, so make the most of it.

14. Take Lots of Photos

Make sure you take lots of photos throughout the night to capture all the fun and memories. You can either hire a photographer or set up a photo booth for your guests to take their own photos.

15. Don’t Forget to Cut the Cake

When it’s time to cut the cake, gather your guests around and make a wish. This is a special moment that you’ll want to remember for years to come.

16. Thank Your Guests

Before the party ends, make sure you take the time to thank your guests for coming. You can also give them their party favors and encourage them to stay in touch.

17. Clean Up

Once the party is over, it’s time to clean up. Make sure you have plenty of garbage bags and cleaning supplies on hand. You can also ask your guests to help with the clean up.

18. Send Thank You Notes

After the party, send thank you notes to your guests to thank them for coming. This is a nice way to show your appreciation and keep in touch.

19. Reflect on Your Night

Take some time to reflect on your night and all the fun memories you made. This is a special milestone birthday that you’ll want to remember for years to come.

20. Start Planning Your Next Party

Finally, start planning your next party. Whether it’s your 31st birthday or another special occasion, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Keep the fun and festive vibe of your 30 Flirty and Thriving theme party going all year long.