The Exciting World Of Outlaws 2002


If you’re a fan of dirt-track racing, then you’re surely familiar with World of Outlaws. This premier sprint car racing series has been thrilling fans since its inception in 1978. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 2002 season of World of Outlaws and what made it so special.

The Drivers

The 2002 season saw some of the most talented drivers in the sport. Steve Kinser was still at the top of his game, having won a record 17 World of Outlaws championships. Donny Schatz was a rising star, having won the Knoxville Nationals the previous year. And Mark Kinser, cousin of Steve, was always a threat to win.

The Races

The 2002 season was packed with exciting races, with more than 80 events on the schedule. Some of the most memorable races included the Kings Royal at Eldora Speedway, the Summer Nationals at Williams Grove, and the Gold Cup at Silver Dollar Speedway.

The Teams

One of the unique features of World of Outlaws is that the cars and teams are owned by the drivers. This means that each team has its own personality and style. In 2002, some of the most notable teams included Kinser Racing, Schatz Motorsports, and Tony Stewart Racing.

The Technology

In 2002, World of Outlaws was at the forefront of racing technology. The cars were powered by 410-cubic-inch engines that could produce more than 900 horsepower. The chassis were made of lightweight materials, and the suspensions were finely tuned for maximum performance.

The Fans

World of Outlaws has some of the most passionate fans in any sport. They travel from race to race, following their favorite drivers and cheering them on. In 2002, the fans were treated to some of the most exciting racing action in the history of the sport.

The Media

The 2002 season of World of Outlaws was covered extensively by the media. Racing magazines, websites, and television networks all provided in-depth coverage of the races and the drivers. This helped to raise the profile of the sport and attract new fans.

The Legacy

The 2002 season of World of Outlaws will always be remembered as one of the most exciting in the sport’s history. It showcased the best drivers, the most advanced technology, and the most passionate fans. And it set the stage for even more thrilling seasons to come.


If you’re a fan of dirt-track racing, then you owe it to yourself to check out World of Outlaws. Whether you’re watching from the stands or following the action online, you’re sure to be entertained by the excitement and drama of this premier racing series.