Why Is My Tiktok Video Not Showing On My Profile


TikTok is a popular social media app that allows users to create and share short videos. With millions of users worldwide, it has become a platform for people to showcase their talent, creativity, and content. However, one of the most common questions TikTok users ask is, “Why is my TikTok video not showing on my profile?” If you’re one of them, keep reading to find out why.

The Possible Reasons Why Your TikTok Video Is Not Showing on Your Profile

1. Your Video is Under Review

TikTok has strict guidelines for content creators to follow. If your video violates these guidelines, TikTok may remove it or place it under review. You may not see the video on your profile until TikTok approves it.

2. Your Account is Shadowbanned

A shadowban is when a social media platform limits the visibility of your content without notifying you. It means your content will not appear in search results, on the “For You” page, or in the hashtags you use. If your account is shadowbanned, your videos may not show up on your profile.

3. Your Video is Too Long

TikTok has a maximum video length of 60 seconds. If your video is longer than that, it may not show up on your profile. TikTok also recommends keeping videos short and engaging, so try to stick to the 60-second limit.

4. Your Video is Not in the Right Format

TikTok supports several video formats, including MP4 and MOV. If your video is not in the right format, it may not show up on your profile. Check the format of your video and convert it to a supported format if necessary.

5. Your Video is Not Public

TikTok allows users to make their videos private, which means only their followers can see them. If your video is not public, it will not show up on your profile. Make sure to check your privacy settings and set your video to public if you want it to be visible on your profile.

What to Do If Your TikTok Video is Not Showing on Your Profile

1. Check Your Video Status

If your video is under review, you will see a notification on your profile. You can also check the status of your video in the “Drafts” section or the “Notifications” tab. If your video is still under review, wait for TikTok to approve it.

2. Check if Your Account is Shadowbanned

To check if your account is shadowbanned, try searching for your profile using a different account or device. If you cannot find your profile or videos, it may be shadowbanned. In this case, you can contact TikTok support and ask them to lift the shadowban.

3. Edit Your Video

If your video is too long or not in the right format, you can edit it and try uploading it again. Use a video editing app to trim your video or change its format to a supported one.

4. Check Your Privacy Settings

If your video is not public, change your privacy settings to make it visible on your profile. You can do this by going to your video settings and selecting “Public” under the “Who Can View” section.


There are several reasons why your TikTok video may not be showing on your profile. It could be under review, your account may be shadowbanned, or your video may not be in the right format. By checking your video status, account status, and privacy settings, you can ensure your videos are visible on your profile. Remember to follow TikTok’s guidelines and create engaging content to maximize your reach on the platform.