Who Is Kyrie Irving's Dad?

The Early Life of Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Andrew Irving was born on March 23, 1992, in Melbourne, Australia. His father, Drederick Irving, was a professional basketball player who played for various teams in Australia and later moved to the United States to play basketball in Boston.

Who is Drederick Irving?

Drederick Irving was born on June 14, 1965, in the Bronx, New York. He was a standout basketball player in high school and later played college basketball at Boston University.

Kyrie Irving’s Relationship with his Father

Kyrie Irving’s relationship with his father was a strong one. Drederick Irving was his son’s biggest supporter and mentor throughout his basketball career. Kyrie Irving has mentioned in interviews that his father was his inspiration and the reason he started playing basketball.

The Passing of Kyrie Irving’s Mother

Kyrie Irving’s mother, Elizabeth Irving, passed away when he was only four years old. This tragic event brought Kyrie and his father even closer together.

Drederick Irving’s Influence on Kyrie Irving’s Basketball Career

Drederick Irving played a significant role in his son’s basketball career. He trained Kyrie from a young age and helped him develop his skills. Kyrie Irving has credited his father for teaching him the fundamentals of the game and preparing him for the challenges he faced in his professional career.

Kyrie Irving’s College Basketball Career

Kyrie Irving attended Duke University, where he played one season of college basketball. He was named the ACC Rookie of the Year and led Duke to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament.

Kyrie Irving’s NBA Career

Kyrie Irving was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA draft. He played for the Cavaliers for six seasons before being traded to the Boston Celtics in 2017. He has since played for the Brooklyn Nets and has been named an NBA All-Star multiple times.

Kyrie Irving’s Relationship with his Father Today

Kyrie Irving and his father remain close to this day. Drederick Irving is often seen at his son’s games, and the two have a strong bond both on and off the court.


In conclusion, Drederick Irving played a significant role in his son’s basketball career. He was Kyrie Irving’s inspiration and mentor throughout his life. Kyrie Irving’s relationship with his father continues to be a strong one, and Drederick Irving remains a proud father and supporter of his son’s success.