Watch Call Of The Night Episode 1 – A Supernatural Romance Series


Call of the Night is a Japanese supernatural romance anime series that has been making waves since its release in 2021. The series is based on the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Kotoyama. It follows the story of a high school boy named Nazuna who cannot sleep at night and meets a vampire named Koyuki. Together, they form an unlikely bond and navigate the supernatural world.


The first episode of Call of the Night introduces us to the protagonist, Nazuna. Nazuna is a high school boy who cannot sleep at night and spends his time wandering the streets. One night, he meets a girl named Koyuki, who is a vampire. Koyuki is looking for blood and asks Nazuna if he would be willing to let her drink his blood. Nazuna agrees, and this marks the beginning of their unusual relationship.

The first episode sets up the premise of the series and introduces the main characters. It also establishes the supernatural elements of the show and gives us a glimpse into the world of vampires.


Call of the Night explores themes such as loneliness, friendship, and acceptance. Nazuna is a lonely boy who finds solace in his nightly walks. Koyuki, on the other hand, is a vampire who is shunned by society and has a hard time making friends. The two characters form an unlikely bond and help each other through their struggles.

The series also explores the theme of acceptance. Koyuki is a vampire who is not accepted by society, and Nazuna is a boy who struggles to fit in. However, they find acceptance in each other and are able to be themselves around each other.


The animation in Call of the Night is stunning. The character designs are unique and memorable, and the backgrounds are beautifully detailed. The animation studio, Brain’s Base, did an excellent job of bringing the world of the manga to life.


The music in Call of the Night is atmospheric and haunting. The opening theme, “Maketeshimaita” by Aimer, sets the tone for the series and captures the melancholic mood of the show. The ending theme, “Nemophila” by Kaori Ishihara, is a beautiful ballad that complements the romantic elements of the series.


The characters in Call of the Night are well-written and memorable. Nazuna is a relatable protagonist who struggles with loneliness and finding his place in the world. Koyuki is a fascinating character who is both mysterious and vulnerable. The two characters have excellent chemistry, and their relationship is the heart of the series.

The first episode also introduces us to other characters, such as Koyuki’s vampire friend and Nazuna’s childhood friend. These characters have the potential to become important players in the story, and it will be interesting to see how their relationships with Nazuna and Koyuki develop.

Overall Impression

The first episode of Call of the Night is a promising start to the series. It sets up the premise of the show, introduces the main characters, and establishes the tone and atmosphere of the series. The animation and music are exceptional, and the characters are well-written and memorable. The series has a lot of potential, and I am excited to see where it goes from here.


Call of the Night is a must-watch for fans of supernatural romance anime. The series has a unique premise, excellent animation and music, and well-written characters. The first episode sets up the story and characters in a compelling way, and I cannot wait to see where the series goes from here. If you are looking for a new anime to watch, give Call of the Night a try – you won’t be disappointed.