Teresa Earnhardt's New Husband: Everything You Need To Know


For years, Teresa Earnhardt has been known as the widow of the legendary NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt. However, in recent years, she has been in the news for a different reason: her new husband. In this article, we will take a closer look at who he is and what their relationship is like.

Who Is Teresa Earnhardt’s New Husband?

Teresa Earnhardt’s new husband is a man named John Menard Jr. He is a billionaire businessman who is the founder and owner of Menards, a chain of home improvement stores. Menard is also heavily involved in motorsports, owning a team in the IndyCar Series and sponsoring cars in NASCAR.

Their Relationship

Teresa and John first met through their mutual love of racing. They began dating in 2011 and were married in 2018. The couple has kept their relationship relatively private, but they have been spotted together at various racing events and on vacations.


When news of Teresa’s relationship with John first broke, it caused quite a stir in the NASCAR community. Many fans were upset that she had moved on from Dale so quickly, while others felt that she was betraying his legacy by being with someone who was not a part of the racing world.

However, Teresa has defended her relationship, saying that she and Dale had an understanding that she would move on if something were to happen to him. She has also said that John is a big fan of racing and has been involved in the sport for many years.

John Menard Jr.’s Involvement in Racing

As mentioned earlier, John Menard Jr. is heavily involved in motorsports. He owns a team in the IndyCar Series, which has had success over the years, including a win in the prestigious Indianapolis 500 in 2018.

Menard is also a sponsor in NASCAR, with his company Menards sponsoring several cars over the years. In fact, he has been involved in NASCAR for over 30 years and is considered one of the sport’s most influential sponsors.

Net Worth

John Menard Jr. is one of the wealthiest people in the United States, with a net worth of over $13 billion. His success in business and his involvement in motorsports have helped him amass a fortune that most people can only dream of.

Teresa and John’s Future Plans

While Teresa and John are relatively private about their personal lives, it is believed that they both plan to stay involved in racing for the foreseeable future. Teresa is the owner of Dale Earnhardt Inc., a racing team that has had success in NASCAR over the years. John is also heavily involved in the sport, so it seems likely that they will continue to attend races and be a part of the racing community.


In conclusion, Teresa Earnhardt’s new husband, John Menard Jr., is a billionaire businessman and racing enthusiast who has been involved in the sport for many years. While their relationship caused controversy when it was first announced, they have both defended it and continue to attend races and be a part of the racing community. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for them both.