Sofia Pernas: A Rising Star In The World Of Movies And Tv Shows


Sofia Pernas is a talented actress who has been making waves in the entertainment industry in recent years. Her captivating performances in various movies and TV shows have won her a legion of fans around the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at Sofia’s journey to stardom, her notable roles, and what the future holds for this rising star.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Sofia Pernas was born on July 31, 1989, in Fes, Morocco. She grew up in a multicultural family, with her mother being from Morocco and her father from Spain. Sofia’s interest in acting started at a young age, and she began taking drama classes in high school. After completing her studies, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Her first breakthrough came in 2011 when she landed a recurring role in the soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” Sofia played the character of Marisa Sierras, a mysterious woman who becomes involved with one of the show’s lead characters. Her performance was widely praised, and it helped her gain recognition in the industry.

Notable Roles

“Jane the Virgin”

In 2015, Sofia joined the cast of the hit TV series “Jane the Virgin” as Catalina Mora, a woman who comes between the show’s main couple. Her portrayal of the seductive and manipulative character earned her critical acclaim and a loyal fan following.

“Blood & Treasure”

In 2019, Sofia landed the lead role of Lexi Vaziri in the action-adventure series “Blood & Treasure.” The show follows the adventures of a former FBI agent and an art thief who team up to track down a priceless treasure. Sofia’s performance as the tough and resourceful heroine was widely praised, and the show was renewed for a second season.

Upcoming Projects

Sofia Pernas has several exciting projects in the works, including a leading role in the upcoming action-thriller movie “The Night Clerk,” which is set to be released in 2023. She is also set to star in the TV series “Rebel,” which is based on the life of activist Erin Brockovich. With her talent and charm, Sofia is sure to continue making a name for herself in the world of movies and TV shows.

Personal Life

Sofia Pernas is known for being private about her personal life. However, it is known that she was previously in a relationship with her “Blood & Treasure” co-star Matt Barr. The couple dated for several years before calling it quits in 2019.


Sofia Pernas is a rising star in the entertainment industry, with a bright future ahead of her. Her talent, hard work, and dedication have earned her recognition and praise from both fans and critics alike. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the years to come.