The Legacy Of Rick Grimes In The Walking Dead

The Beginnings of Rick Grimes

When The Walking Dead premiered in 2010, nobody knew the impact it would have on television. Andrew Lincoln portrayed the lead character, Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy who wakes up from a coma to find the world overrun by zombies. Over the course of 9 seasons, Rick became a beloved and iconic character in the series.

The Evolution of Rick Grimes

Throughout the series, Rick faced numerous challenges and evolved as a character. He went from being a man who believed in the law and order to a leader who would do anything to protect his family and friends. Rick’s leadership was tested many times, but he always found a way to lead his group to safety.

The Departure of Rick Grimes

In season 9, Andrew Lincoln announced that he would be leaving the series after 8 years of portraying Rick Grimes. Fans were heartbroken as they had grown attached to Rick, but they were excited to see how his story would end.

The Legacy of Rick Grimes

Despite leaving the series, Rick Grimes’ legacy lives on. His leadership and determination have inspired many characters in the series, and his impact on the show cannot be ignored.

The Future of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead universe continues to expand, with new shows and movies in development. Fans are hopeful that Rick Grimes will make an appearance in one of these projects, as his story is far from over.

Top 5 Rick Grimes Moments

1. The Introduction of Negan

In season 6, Rick and his group encountered the infamous villain, Negan. The introduction of Negan was a game-changer for the series, and Rick’s reaction to his arrival was a standout moment.

2. Rick vs. The Governor

In season 3, Rick came face to face with another iconic villain, The Governor. The two clashed in an epic battle, and Rick’s determination to protect his group was on full display.

3. The Death of Shane

In season 2, Rick’s best friend and former partner, Shane, became a threat to the group. In a shocking moment, Rick was forced to kill Shane to protect himself and his family.

4. The Attack on Terminus

In season 5, Rick and his group were captured and taken to Terminus, a community of cannibals. Rick’s escape plan and subsequent attack on Terminus was a thrilling moment in the series.

5. Rick’s Final Episode

In season 9, Rick’s final episode was an emotional and powerful moment for fans. Rick sacrificed himself to save his friends and family, cementing his legacy as a hero.


Rick Grimes will always be remembered as a beloved and iconic character in The Walking Dead. His impact on the series and its fans cannot be ignored, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of fans.