Pokemon Go Friends Australia: Everything You Need To Know


Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular mobile games since its release in 2016. One of the game’s most significant features is the ability to add friends and interact with them. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Friends in Australia.

What are Pokemon Go Friends?

Pokemon Go Friends is a feature that allows players to add other players as friends in the game. Once you have added a friend, you can send gifts, trade Pokemon, and battle together.

How to Add Friends in Pokemon Go?

Adding friends in Pokemon Go is a straightforward process. To add a friend, you need to go to your Trainer Profile and tap on the “Friends” tab. Then, tap on the “Add Friend” button and enter your friend’s Trainer Code. Once your friend accepts your request, you can start interacting with them in the game.

Benefits of Having Pokemon Go Friends

Having friends in Pokemon Go offers several benefits. You can send and receive gifts, which contain items such as Pokeballs, Berries, and even Pokemon Eggs. You can also trade Pokemon with your friends, which can help you complete your Pokedex. Additionally, you can battle together in Raids and Gyms, which can earn you rewards and XP.

How to Increase Friendship Levels?

Friendship levels in Pokemon Go range from Good Friends to Best Friends. Each level offers different benefits, such as increased attack power in battles and reduced trading costs. To increase your friendship level, you need to interact with your friends by sending gifts, trading Pokemon, and battling together.

How to Get Lucky Pokemon?

Lucky Pokemon are a rare type of Pokemon that have a sparkly appearance and require only half the Stardust to power up. To get a Lucky Pokemon, you need to trade Pokemon with your friends. The chance of getting a Lucky Pokemon increases as your friendship level increases.

How to Find Pokemon Go Friends in Australia?

There are several ways to find Pokemon Go Friends in Australia. You can join local Facebook groups, Discord servers, or Reddit communities. You can also attend Pokemon Go events in your area, where you can meet other players and make new friends.


Pokemon Go Friends is an excellent feature that allows players to interact with each other and enjoy the game together. By following the tips in this article, you can make new friends, increase your friendship levels, and get Lucky Pokemon. So, what are you waiting for? Start adding friends and have fun!