Penny Hardaway Children: A Look Into The Life Of The Hardaway Family

The Early Years

Penny Hardaway, born Anfernee Deon Hardaway, is a former NBA player who played for teams such as the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, and New York Knicks. He is known for his incredible skills on the court, but also for his family life. Penny has four children, two sons and two daughters, and they have been a huge part of his life since they were born.

His oldest son, Jayden, was born in 1995 and his second son, Anfernee Jr., was born in 2001. His oldest daughter, LaTanfernee, was born in 2002 and his youngest daughter, Lailaa, was born in 2008.

Jayden and Anfernee Jr.

Jayden and Anfernee Jr. have followed in their father’s footsteps and have a passion for basketball. They both attended Memphis East High School, where they played for the school’s basketball team. Jayden went on to play for the University of Central Florida, where he is a shooting guard for the UCF Knights. Anfernee Jr. is currently a senior in high school and is being recruited by several colleges.

Aside from basketball, both Jayden and Anfernee Jr. are also involved in their community. They often participate in charity events and volunteer at local organizations.

LaTanfernee and Lailaa

LaTanfernee and Lailaa are both involved in dance and gymnastics. LaTanfernee is a competitive gymnast and has won several awards for her performances. Lailaa is also involved in gymnastics and dance and loves to perform for her family and friends.

Aside from their extracurricular activities, Penny’s daughters are also involved in several charitable organizations. They often donate their time and money to organizations that support children in need.

Their Relationship with Their Father

Penny has always been very involved in his children’s lives. He often attends their games and performances and is their biggest supporter. He has also been very vocal about the importance of education and encourages his children to prioritize their studies.

Despite their busy schedules, Penny makes sure to spend quality time with his children. They often go on family vacations and spend weekends together.

The Impact of Penny’s Career on His Children

Penny’s success in the NBA has had a big impact on his children. They have been able to travel the world and experience things that many children their age have not. They have also been able to attend some of the biggest basketball games and meet some of the biggest names in the sport.

However, Penny has also made sure to teach his children the value of hard work and dedication. He has instilled in them the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

The Future

As Penny’s children continue to grow and pursue their passions, it is clear that they will continue to make a difference in their communities. They have already accomplished so much at a young age and are sure to continue making their father proud.

As for Penny, he continues to be a role model for his children and for his fans. He has used his platform to make a positive impact on the world and has encouraged his children to do the same.


The Hardaway family is a testament to the importance of family, hard work, and dedication. Penny has instilled these values in his children and has encouraged them to pursue their passions while also giving back to their community. As they continue to grow and make their mark on the world, it is clear that the Hardaway family will continue to inspire others and make a positive impact on the world.