Nms Frigate Fuel: Everything You Need To Know In 2023


NMS Frigates are a significant part of No Man’s Sky. They allow players to explore the game’s universe and undertake missions. However, they require fuel to operate, and players need to know how to obtain and use it. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about NMS Frigate Fuel in 2023.

What is NMS Frigate Fuel?

NMS Frigate Fuel is a resource that players need to power their frigates. Without it, frigates cannot operate, and players cannot explore the game’s vast universe. It is a crucial resource that players need to obtain and manage.

How to Obtain NMS Frigate Fuel

There are several ways to obtain NMS Frigate Fuel. The most common way is to craft it using resources that players can find on planets or asteroids. The recipe for crafting NMS Frigate Fuel requires Tritium, Di-hydrogen Jelly, and Metal Plating.

Players can also purchase NMS Frigate Fuel from space stations or trading posts. However, this option can be expensive, and players may find it challenging to obtain large quantities of NMS Frigate Fuel this way.

How to Craft NMS Frigate Fuel

To craft NMS Frigate Fuel, players need to gather the necessary resources. Here is the recipe for crafting NMS Frigate Fuel:

– 50 Tritium

– 1 Di-hydrogen Jelly

– 1 Metal Plating

Players can obtain Tritium by mining asteroids, while Di-hydrogen Jelly and Metal Plating can be crafted using resources found on planets.

How to Refuel NMS Frigates

To refuel NMS Frigates, players need to dock them at their freighter and access the Frigate Management Terminal. From there, players can select the frigate they want to refuel and choose the option to do so. Players need to have NMS Frigate Fuel in their inventory to refuel their frigates.

How Much NMS Frigate Fuel Do You Need?

The amount of NMS Frigate Fuel players need depends on the size and class of their frigates. Generally, larger frigates require more fuel to operate, while smaller frigates require less.

Tips for Managing NMS Frigate Fuel

Managing NMS Frigate Fuel can be challenging, but here are some tips to help players:

– Always carry extra NMS Frigate Fuel when exploring.

– Craft NMS Frigate Fuel in advance to avoid running out of it.

– Purchase NMS Frigate Fuel only when necessary.

– Keep track of how much NMS Frigate Fuel each frigate requires.


NMS Frigate Fuel is a vital resource that players need to explore No Man’s Sky’s vast universe. Understanding how to obtain and manage it is crucial to ensure players can use their frigates effectively. By following the tips outlined in this article, players can maximize their NMS Frigate Fuel and enjoy all the benefits of their frigates.