NHL Draft: Kings’ biggest needs, top prospects

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The NHL Typhoon is often different from the NFL and NBA drafts in that well-nigh teams are not drafting solely for need. The NHL is a best-player-available kind of state of affairs with about players not reaching the NHL until two or three, perhaps more years after. That said, teams are often building their boards with a full cognition of what their prospect arrangement needs are. If they can address those situations, it’south about like an added bonus, but they’re non going to go out of their mode – in most cases – to only satisfy a void in what they have.

With that in listen, I wanted to expect at some of the places where teams could stand to get better. Again, if they do information technology through this draft, information technology’s an added bonus. Keep in mind, nearly teams are not going to be able to accost electric current NHL needs through the typhoon. I’m assessing their entire prospect system and looking for some gaps, whether it be by position or a blazon of role player needed to help deepen the prospect pool for a given team.

Here’s what I came up with.

Anaheim Ducks: Goal scoring winger

The Ducks are sitting in a pretty good spot right now with a number of young NHLers already making an bear on on their NHL roster. They’ll add Bricklayer McTavish to that mix adjacent season and take a number of other players in the AHL that could stand to make an impact in the nigh time to come. There’south non whatever ane glaring need, merely they could probably stand up to go along building up the hereafter of their blueline. They accept the No. 10 pick which is going to give them a ton of options at both forrad and defense force. They’ll go an impact prospect. They’re going to have some real expert players down the heart for the foreseeable future, but they need to fill out their scoring depth even more in the second round. At that place’due south Jacob Perreault and Brayden Tracey in the system, but they should exist able to find some other higher-end pick in this typhoon.

Potential options: Jonathan Lekkerimaki, Joakim Kemell

Arizona Coyotes: Everything

The Coyotes are in a full rebuild and in that location’south going to be some more short-term pain for long-term gain. They made a pretty good-sized splash with Dylan Guenther in the terminal draft, but there’due south still a lot of holes and not a ton of blue-chip quotient prospects. The Yotes now have a chance to add a rebuild cornerstone with the No. three overall pick. Arizona as well has two other first-rounders and a whopping four second-rounders. That’southward seven of the get-go 45 picks in this typhoon. This draft and certainly the next one are going to be two of the most critical moments in the history of this franchise. Patience will be required considering in that location is a long way to get, only GM Bill Armstrong is building a war chest of draft avails that requite Arizona a ton of options.

Potential options:Logan Cooley, Juraj Slafkovsky, Cutter Gauthier, Owen Pickering, Lane Hutson

Boston Bruins: Centers

Whether Patrice Bergeron is coming back next season is irrelevant to the draft, just the Bruins demand to meliorate prepare for his forthcoming absence considering in that location is a dearth of height-quality centers in their system right now. They probably won’t find their side by side Bergeron this flavour, with no picks until No. 54 and vi full picks. The arrangement got a good dose of speed and skill terminal twelvemonth with Fabian Lysell and the Bruins were aggressive in undrafted free agency, but this is ane of the weakest prospect systems in the league overall. They have a lot of needs, but getting the future of their center position is going to be critical over the next few years.

Potential options:Jack Hughes, Danny Zhilkin, Cam Lund,Matyas Sapovaliv

Buffalo Sabres: Right-shot defensemen

The Sabres’ organization is starting to await a lot better as they’ve added a lot of young pieces. The left side of their defense looks pretty well taken care of with No. 1s Rasmus Dahlin and Owen Power holding it down long term, but there’s not a ton of right-shot rearguards in their system. The Sabres have three first-round picks including No. 9 and No. 16. It might exist hard to land i of the meridian two right-shot blueliners in that range, just it’s something they could chase for in the subsequently stage of the offset or with their one second-circular selection. There should exist a few options available there.

Potential Options:Ryan Chesley, Seamus Casey, Sam Rinzel

Calgary Flames: Defensemen

The Flames have some decent pieces in their system, just it’s non the deepest and it won’t get whatever deeper this twelvemonth. They accept just three picks, with No. 59 in the 2nd round their earliest, barring a trade. At that place are some expert recent picks that will assistance down the line, especially up front and at the goaltending position, but on defense in that location’s not a ton there. We’re notwithstanding not sure if Juuso Valimaki is going to go dorsum on track and there are another promising players, but I think they could make the biggest positive impact on their organization if some defensemen, particularly right-shot defensemen, are bachelor in their ranges.

Potential options:Elias Salomonsson, Maveric Lamoureux, Artyom Duda, Ty Nelson

Carolina Hurricanes: Goaltending

The Hurricanes take a lot of goaltending in their organisation, merely I don’t see a goalie of the time to come in there. Pyotr Kochetkov might accept a hazard down the road and saw NHL fourth dimension this yr, but the Hurricanes don’t have a ton of other glaring needs. They’ve drafted very aggressively on skill and there’s a lot of prospects that may pan out and plenty others that probable won’t, but the Hurricanes accept taken a lot of swings and we’re still going to accept to look to see how successful they all are. That said, putting goaltending here speaks fashion more than to the force of Carolina’s overall prospect system than information technology does about their weakness at this item position.

Potential options:Topias Leinonen, Sergei Ivanov, Reid Dyck

Chicago Blackhawks: Skilled forwards

The Blackhawks have a lot of system needs, but they’re not picking until the second round. While there’due south value to be had, it’southward tougher to find high-end skill players but a few could be there. With talk of potentially moving on from some of its established stars, Chicago is going to need to discover some skill in these next few drafts to assist its scoring. The Hawks are long on defensemen in their system, but beyond Lukas Reichel, they don’t take a ton of dynamic guys in their frontward prospect pool. Finding ways to address that from a lower typhoon position would exist impressive. The Blackhawks’ goaltending system also needs some more bodies, though I have a lot of belief in Drew Commesso as a potential goalie of the futurity in Chicago.

Potential options: Filip Bystedt, Rieger Lorenz, Reid Schaefer, Alexander Perevalov

Colorado Avalanche: Goaltending

The Avs have graduated a ton of players to the NHL team and they’ve all looked actually good. They should be able to keep that secondary cadre of young players together for a while. Colorado is pretty solid in a lot of other areas. One surface area where it’due south light is in net. The Avs have a really exciting goalie prospect in Justus Annunen, but after him, there’s not a ton. They don’t have a option until the third round and I probably wouldn’t starting time looking at goalies until then anyhow.

Potential options:Tyler Brennan, Reid Dyck, Ivan Zhigalov

Columbus Blue Jackets: Goaltending

The Jackets accept two summit-12 picks in this typhoon, so they won’t be looking for goaltending that early. Plus, they but re-signed their potential goalie of the future in Daniil Tarasov, but afterwards him, at that place’s non much left in the system. The last few drafts take been pretty kind to the Blue Jackets as they’ve found players that accept been able to play on their roster – and rapidly. There are good players at all positions who are either immature or are in their system. They’ll be able to continue building on that with their early picks, but even in a weak goaltending year, they should consider adding some puck stoppers with their later picks every bit information technology’southward a point of weakness in the arrangement at this betoken.

Potential options:Tyler Brennan, Topias Leinonen, Hugo Havelid

Dallas Stars: Correct-shot defensemen

The Stars have done a phenomenal chore drafting of late and accept some real gems on the way, but they’re very, very shallow when it comes to correct-shot defensemen. They simply have ane nether contract on their NHL roster, could be losing John Klingberg to free agency and have very few right-shots in the arrangement at the moment. With the forwards and the left side looking pretty deep and Jake Oettinger likely the long-term goalie, possibly the Stars can detect some correct shot defensemen to bring a little more balance to the system.

Potential options:Ryan Chesley, Sam Rinzel, Maveric Lamoureux, Noah Warren

Detroit Carmine Wings: Centers

The Red Wings have addressed a lot of arrangement needs with copious draft picks the last few years and at present have some cornerstone pieces in place with Lucas Raymond and Moritz Seider joining a cadre that already included Dylan Larkin. In the prospect system, however, the Cherry Wings have very few natural centers that comfortably project into their lineup in the well-nigh term. Detroit should have a bully chance to address this gap in its system in the first round this year every bit there will be options at No. 8. Detroit also has a pair of second-round picks that could prove helpful every bit well.

Potential options:Frank Nazar, Conor Geekie, Cutter Gauthier, Marco Kasper, Matthew Savoie

Edmonton Oilers: Goaltending

I’one thousand even so baffled that the Oilers traded out of a spot that could have landed height goalie prospect Jesper Wallstedt in the last typhoon. At present their goaltending organization is generally bare. Stuart Skinner may provide a blink of hope in net and Edmonton signed Ryan Fanti out of the NCAA terminal year, but they also just let Ilya Konovalov walk to the KHL. It’s a glaring need in the organisation and has been a point of weakness at the NHL level, also. You tin’t get instant help in the draft, but they could probably afford to detect some more players to at least make it their system and try to develop.

Potential options:Topias Leinonen, Tyler Brennan, Reid Dyck

Florida Panthers: More than secondary scoring

The Panthers picked up a quality prospect in Mackie Samoskevich in the last draft, simply there have been a number of prospects in their system that looked really good for a fourth dimension but are starting to look less likely to brand the bear upon we in one case thought possible. The Panthers could expect for some more than bear upon forrard, specially some with some size. It might help them find some secondary scoring as they try to support their core. It would still exist a few years away earlier anyone the Panthers could get in the draft would contribute, but forwards are a priority.

Potential options:Vinzez Rohrer, Jere Lassila, Michael Milne

Los Angeles Kings: Proceed stockpiling

The Kings have quality prospects or immature NHL players at all positions. They could probably stand up to go ameliorate in net, simply it’southward not an immediate demand and they have a few guys notwithstanding developing in their system. Los Angeles is most to hit that mode where it starts flooring it to get more competitive, so this draft is all near nugget drove and trying to make sure it has enough of everything to either develop for its roster or utilize as merchandise bait later. The Kings are in a very strong position at the moment.

Potential options:Jagger Firkus, Jimmy Snuggerud, Ryan Chesley, Lane Hutson, Rutger McGroarty

Minnesota Wild: More scoring

The Wild’due south next moving ridge of players is heady. Kirill Kaprizov has changed the dynamic of the franchise, while Matt Boldy and Marco Rossi should assistance fill out the young core of the team, just they’re going to need even more scoring in the organization. The Wild are getting more than skilled as an organization and that’s a great thing as they try to escape the NHL’due south mushy centre. With a late first-rounder and two picks in the second round, they could discover some quality.

Potential options:Ivan Miroshnichenko, Rutger McGroarty, Jimmy Snuggerud, Luca Del Bel Belluz, Filip Mesar

Montreal Canadiens: Heart

The Habs have always been looking for a centre it seems. They got a good one in Nick Suzuki just demand to support him. That’southward why I think the Habs will go with Shane Wright with the meridian overall choice. He looks like he could be a good No. ii backside Suzuki. Either fashion, the Habs are in a position where they can take hold of an bear upon player that could assist them as soon as next season. They just have to make sure whoever they take kickoff overall is well protected and his long-term evolution has to exist the priority as this is a pick you but can’t get wrong.

Potential options:Shane Wright, Logan Cooley

Nashville Predators: Puck-moving defenseman

The Preds have a number of needs in their system, just they look like they’ve got a pretty solid stable of forwards they’ve been building up. Nashville, all the same, has frequently made its money at the typhoon by picking and developing defensemen. They have some solid looking prospects on the back cease, but if they tin find another good puck-mover in this group, they’d take a lilliputian more remainder dorsum in their organization. Players similar Luke Prokop, Ryan Ufko and Spencer Stastney all have some offensive ability and there are some skilful options in the AHL, only if the Preds can get fifty-fifty ameliorate on that back end, they’ll be happy.

Potential options:Pavel Mintyukov, Kevin Korchinski, Denton Mateychuk, Lane Hutson

New Jersey Devils: Skilled winger

The Devils looks like they’re set down the middle for a while. They’ve got some solid young defensemen in their system as well including blue-chipper Luke Hughes. At No. ii, the Devils tin do whatever they want, but they should be looking for some other scoring winger to complement Alexander Holtz, whom they picked two years agone. Become someone else for Jack Hughes or Nico Hischier to get the puck to and let it rip. That’due south probably the best way to really heave a burgeoning forward grouping that is on the brink of a breakout.

Potential options:Juraj Slafkovsky, Joakim Kemell

New York Islanders: Skill up front

The Isles organisation is pretty light. William Dufour had a breakout year, Simon Holmstrom is coming into his ain in the AHL and Aatu Raty is proving doubters wrong with his play in Finland. There’s but not enough of everything. The Islanders need help on defense in their system, and they need more than skill up front on both the NHL roster and in the prospect system. Guys like Raty could be a good kickoff, merely there needs to be even more than if the Islanders are going to compete in the Metro with all the quality teams in that partitioning.

Potential options:Matthew Savoie, Brad Lambert, Frank Nazar

New York Rangers: Depth

At that place’s not a lot the Rangers tin do this year with limited typhoon capital. They won’t choice until the tertiary circular. The expert news is that they’ve got a very strong prospect system with a number of young NHL players already making an impact with the large club. I thought the Rangers were ahead of schedule this yr and they have enough players to continue on this path they’re on for the next few years. They simply have to try to grab a couple of higher-upside players in this draft and hope for the best. It won’t make or break them.

Potential Options:David Goyette, Devin Kaplan, Dylan James, Mats Lindgren

Ottawa Senators: Dynamic forwards

The Sens have a lot of skill already with their grouping, just I think they could afford to become even more dynamic up front. Last typhoon, the Sens went for a lot of size with their picks. This year, they are in a range to take hold of skilled scoring wingers or centers that tin help make them more unsafe upwards front end. The Sens can’t have enough scoring as they enter this new era.

Potential options:Jonathan Lekkerimaki, Joakim Kemell, Matthew Savoie, Cutter Gauthier, Frank Nazar

Philadelphia Flyers: Heart

The Flyers are going to take their pick of the 2d-tier centers or top-tier defensemen in this draft at No. five. It gives them their best shot at addressing a key need in the system that just hasn’t been fairly addressed in recent years. There have been a few players that looked cracking, merely the Flyers are in need of a time to come summit-two middle and they can get it early in this draft.

Potential options: Logan Cooley, Shane Wright, Cutter Gauthier, Matthew Savoie

Pittsburgh Penguins: Everything

This has been the instance for a while, but the Penguins prospect system is particularly thin and at that place’southward no need to be particularly picky. With a starting time-rounder, they should exist in line to become a quality prospect that could instantly shoot to the summit of their organization. Later that, Penguins scouts will have to mine some gems from the late rounds as they won’t choice again until the quaternary round.

Potential options:Rutger McGroarty, Isaac Howard, Owen Pickering, Liam Ohgren, Jiri Kulich, Ryan Chesley, Lian Bichsel

San Jose Sharks: Defensemen

The Sharks have some good young forward prospects in their system and probably are in the range where they can continue to add together to that group at No. eleven, only they may also desire to consider the side by side moving ridge of defensemen after David Jiricek and Simon Nemec are gone. There’southward a skillful second tier of blueliners in this yr’s crop. The Sharks are not often i to typhoon for need, though. I’d wait they’ll stick with their board and not worry so much about the position, but they won’t pick again until the third round.

Potential options:Pavel Mintyukov, Kevin Korchinski, Denton Mateychuk

Seattle Kraken: Everything

The Kraken are still in build-up style. They didn’t have a war chest of draft picks in their first get at the NHL Entry Typhoon, just they take five of the first 61 picks this year with the No. 4 overall and four seconds. This is a large opportunity to go build upward their prospect system. That No. iv pick is of import and they’ll have options, whether it’s one of the tiptop two defensemen or getting another of the best forwards in this draft. This is going to be an important year for the future of the expansion franchise.

Possible options:Logan Cooley, Cutter Gauthier, Simon Nemec, David Jiricek, Joakim Kemell

St. Louis Blues: Defenseman

The Blues have washed a very nice job of maintaining a adequately strong prospect pool in the wake of their Stanley Cup run in 2019. They’ve had a steady stream of young players and still accept a few to wait at downward the road. So at that place’s no real glaring need. Peradventure they could strengthen their defensive player puddle after loading upwardly on frontwards the last few drafts. They’re in a good range in the first round to look at adding to their blueline, too.

Possible options:Lian Bichsel, Ryan Chesley, Owen Pickering

Tampa Bay Lightning: High-upside forrad

The Lightning don’t go to pick in the first round a lot. This year they do, if they hold onto the option. The Bolts take fabricated their name on late typhoon hits, but this fourth dimension they should be able to be pretty picky at No. 31. There should be a number of quality forwards available in the late first that will probably still exist two to three years away, but the Lightning shouldn’t need them whatsoever fourth dimension shortly. Either style, getting some more skill upwards front to supervene upon some of their recent losses and the forthcoming departures of other veterans could exist helpful. The defense force could probably use some extra attention equally well.

Potential options:Noah Ostlund, Liam Ohgren, Jimmy Snuggerud, Nathan Gaucher, Gleb Trikozov

Toronto Maple Leafs: Size up front

The Leafs have a ton of skill in their arrangement both at forward and on defense. They don’t have a ton of size. That’south not something the Leafs have traditionally concerned themselves with under the current assistants, at least when it comes to the draft, though they did country a quality power frontward in their last draft in Matt Knies. Toronto is non going to add size just for the sake of calculation size. They’re going to want some large guys who have some good skills also. They should be able to observe some of that in the late first round.

Potential options:Rutger McGroarty, Jimmy Snuggerud, Nathan Gaucher

Vancouver Canucks: Right-shot defensemen

The Canucks have a number of needs as they continue graduating their elevation prospects to the large social club. If at that place’south one expanse of note where they are particularly thin, information technology’southward amongst right-shot defensemen. They have some options in the system but not a ton of long-term guys. I don’t remember Vancouver is in a skilful range to address that need in the first round. They are, however, in a good spot to land an affect prospect. So while I’ll say they should be looking to add right-shot defensemen, they can’t forcefulness that pick at 15th overall and I don’t recollect they volition. Even so, here are the feasible right-shot options.

Potential options:Ryan Chesley, Sam Rinzel, Maveric Lamoureux, Mattias Havalid

Vegas Gilded Knights: Goal-scoring wingers

The Golden Knights won’t pick in the first round this year, but even though they’ve continually dealt draft picks and prospects for roster players, they nonetheless have a decent organization with good long-term options. They’ve got a lot of natural centers and a skilful residuum among their defensemen. They could probably stand to find some more than goal-scoring wingers, though. They have a practiced one in Brendan Brisson, but they’ll need more than him. Information technology might be harder to notice that player with no picks until the second round, but there could be value still.

Potential options:Rieger Lorenz, Julian Lutz, Paul Ludwinski, Gleb Trikozov

Washington Capitals: Everything

The Caps have a good top prospect in Hendrix Lapierre and a number of other quality pieces that will go on to round out into everyday NHLers, but they don’t have a lot of blue-chippers in this organisation. There are needs everywhere, so in that location’s no sense in being picky about it. At No. 20, they should be able to discover a quality prospect that slots in backside Lapierre on the prospect depth chart. Goaltending may exist an area of focus later in the draft as the Caps don’t have a ton of surefire NHLers in the mix there.

Potential options:Liam Ohgren, Isaac Howard, Lian Bichsel, Owen Pickering, Rutger McGroarty

Winnipeg Jets: Right-shot defensemen

The Jets have drafted well over the years and it’s helped build up their roster. There aren’t a ton of especially desperate needs, only information technology might be dainty if they could add a quality correct-shot defensemen to the mix. They accept 2 first-rounders in this year’s draft and can make a splash at No. 14 to help eternalize their prospect system, only don’t sleep on that late commencement as there could exist some value to be had at that place and the Jets take a track record of making the right picks no matter where they’re selecting.

Potential options:Sam Rinzel, Tristan Luneau, Mattias Havelid



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