Lg Tv Dimming: The Ultimate Guide For 2023


If you’re looking for a TV that offers great picture quality, you’ve probably considered LG. One of the key features that sets LG TVs apart from the competition is their advanced dimming technology. In this guide, we’ll explore what LG TV dimming is, how it works, and what benefits it offers.

What is LG TV Dimming?

LG TV dimming is a feature that allows the TV to adjust its brightness and contrast based on the content being displayed. This means that when you’re watching a dark scene, the TV will automatically dim the backlight to create deeper blacks and improve contrast. Similarly, when you’re watching a bright scene, the TV will increase the backlight to make sure the image isn’t washed out.

Types of LG TV Dimming

There are two main types of LG TV dimming: local dimming and global dimming.

Local Dimming

Local dimming is a feature that allows the TV to dim specific areas of the screen independently of others. This means that if one part of the screen is displaying a dark scene, the TV can dim just that area to create deeper blacks without affecting the rest of the image.

Global Dimming

Global dimming is a more basic form of dimming that adjusts the brightness of the entire screen at once. While it’s not as precise as local dimming, it can still be effective at improving contrast and black levels.

How Does LG TV Dimming Work?

LG TV dimming works by adjusting the backlight of the TV. The backlight is a series of LEDs that provide the light that illuminates the TV screen. By dimming or brightening these LEDs, the TV can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.

Algorithm Control

LG TVs use a sophisticated algorithm to determine how to adjust the backlight based on the content being displayed. This algorithm takes into account factors like the brightness of the scene, the colors being displayed, and the contrast of the image.

Benefits of LG TV Dimming

There are several benefits to using LG TV dimming.

Improved Contrast

One of the key benefits of LG TV dimming is that it can improve contrast. By dimming the backlight in dark scenes, the TV can create deeper blacks and make the image look more lifelike.

Reduced Eye Strain

Another benefit of LG TV dimming is that it can reduce eye strain. When watching a TV in a dark room, a bright screen can be uncomfortable to look at. By dimming the backlight, the TV can reduce the amount of light emitted and make it more comfortable to watch.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, LG TV dimming can be more energy-efficient than other types of TVs. By adjusting the backlight based on the content being displayed, the TV can use less power and reduce your energy bill.

Common Issues with LG TV Dimming

While LG TV dimming is a great feature, it’s not without its issues.


One common issue with local dimming is blooming. Blooming occurs when the backlight bleeds into adjacent areas of the screen, creating a halo effect around bright objects. This can be distracting and reduce the quality of the image.

Loss of Detail

Another issue with LG TV dimming is a loss of detail. In some cases, dimming the backlight can cause details in dark scenes to be lost. This can make the image look flat and less realistic.


LG TV dimming is a great feature that can improve the quality of your TV viewing experience. By adjusting the backlight based on the content being displayed, LG TVs can create deeper blacks, improve contrast, and reduce eye strain. While there are some issues to be aware of, the benefits make LG TV dimming a feature worth considering when shopping for a new TV.