Khai Hadid Malik: The Rising Star In The Fashion World


Khai Hadid Malik is a name that has been making waves in the fashion industry in recent years. Born in 2001, Khai is the daughter of supermodel Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik. Despite her young age, Khai has already caught the attention of many designers and fashion enthusiasts with her unique style and effortless charm.

Early Life

Khai was born on September 19, 2021, in New York City. Her parents have always been in the public eye, and Khai has grown up surrounded by cameras and the paparazzi. Despite this, her parents have tried to keep her out of the public eye as much as possible, with very few photos of Khai being shared on social media.

Her Style

Despite her young age, Khai has already developed a unique sense of style that has caught the attention of many in the fashion industry. She often wears oversized clothing, which gives her a relaxed and effortless look. Her style is a mix of high-end designer pieces and vintage finds, and she is often seen wearing statement accessories such as hats and sunglasses.

Her Parents’ Influence

It’s no secret that Khai’s parents have had a significant influence on her style. Gigi Hadid is one of the most famous supermodels in the world, and her father, Zayn Malik, is a successful musician. Both parents have a distinct sense of style, and it’s clear that Khai has inherited some of their fashion sense.

Her Modeling Career

Khai has not yet officially started her modeling career, but she has already been featured in a few photoshoots. In 2022, she was featured in a photoshoot for Vogue Italia alongside her mother, Gigi Hadid. The photoshoot was a huge success, and Khai’s effortless charm and natural beauty were praised by many in the industry.

Her Social Media Presence

Despite being only a toddler, Khai already has a significant social media presence. Her parents have created an Instagram account for her, which currently has over 7 million followers. The account features adorable photos of Khai, along with updates on her life and fashion choices.

Her Future

With her parents’ influence and her unique sense of style, it’s clear that Khai Hadid Malik has a bright future ahead of her in the fashion industry. She has already caught the attention of many designers and fashion enthusiasts, and it’s likely that we will see her on runways and in campaigns in the near future.


Khai Hadid Malik may only be a toddler, but she has already made a significant impact on the fashion industry. Her unique sense of style and effortless charm have caught the attention of many, and it’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this rising star in the fashion world.