The Justin And Selena Saga: A Look Back At Their Relationship

The Beginning of their Love Story

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez first met in 2009 at a charity event, and the two hit it off right away. They were both young stars, with Justin being a rising pop star and Selena a Disney Channel darling. They began dating in 2010, and their relationship quickly became one of the most talked-about in Hollywood.

Their On-Again-Off-Again Relationship

The couple went through many ups and downs over the years, with multiple breakups and reconciliations. Fans were constantly speculating about the status of their relationship, with social media being the primary source of information.

In 2012, the couple took a break, and Justin was seen with other women, which caused a lot of drama. Selena even called him out on Instagram, which led to a feud between the two. However, they eventually made up and continued their relationship.

Their Final Breakup

In 2018, Justin and Selena broke up for the final time, and it was reported that Selena was the one who ended things. They had been on a break, and Justin was seen with his now-wife, Hailey Baldwin. Selena was reportedly hurt by the news and unfollowed Justin on social media.

Since then, both Justin and Selena have moved on, with Justin marrying Hailey in 2019 and Selena focusing on her music career. However, fans still hold out hope that the couple will get back together someday.

The Impact of their Relationship

Justin and Selena’s relationship had a huge impact on their fans, with many young people looking up to them as a couple. Their music also reflected their relationship, with both artists featuring songs about each other.

Their relationship also brought attention to the issue of mental health, with Selena speaking out about her struggles with anxiety and depression. Justin has also been open about his mental health struggles, and the two have used their platforms to raise awareness and advocate for mental health.

Their Legacy

Justin and Selena may no longer be together, but their legacy lives on. They will always be remembered as one of the most iconic celebrity couples of all time, with their love story captivating fans around the world.

Their music will also continue to inspire and influence future generations, with many young artists citing them as their musical inspirations.


The Justin and Selena saga was one for the ages, with their relationship going through many twists and turns over the years. While they may no longer be together, their impact on pop culture and music will never be forgotten.

As fans, we can only hope that they both continue to find happiness and success in their lives, whether that’s together or apart.