Josh Allen Siblings: A Look Into The Buffalo Bills Quarterback's Family

The Allen Family

Josh Allen is a household name in the NFL. The young quarterback, who currently plays for the Buffalo Bills, has set the league on fire with his incredible performances on the field. But, did you know that Josh is not the only talented member of the Allen family? In this article, we take a closer look at Josh Allen’s siblings and their accomplishments.

Jason Allen

Josh’s older brother, Jason, is a former professional baseball player. Jason played as a pitcher in the minor leagues for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Miami Marlins. Unfortunately, his career was cut short due to injuries. Jason is now a firefighter in California.

Megan Allen

Josh’s younger sister, Megan, is a talented athlete herself. She played soccer at Laramie County Community College and later transferred to the University of Wyoming. Megan is now a nurse and is married to her high school sweetheart.

Kailey Allen

Josh’s youngest sister, Kailey, is still in high school. She is a talented athlete, just like her siblings. Kailey plays soccer and basketball at her high school in California.

The Allen Siblings’ Relationship

Despite the distance between them, the Allen siblings remain very close. They constantly support each other and attend each other’s games and events whenever possible. Josh has often spoken about how much his siblings mean to him and how they have helped him become the person and athlete he is today.


The Allen family is a talented and close-knit family, and Josh Allen’s siblings are no exception. From Jason’s baseball career to Megan’s nursing profession, and Kailey’s promising future in sports, the Allen siblings have accomplished a lot. It is clear that Josh’s family has played a significant role in his success and has helped him become the star he is today.

If you are a fan of Josh Allen or just interested in learning more about his family, keep an eye on the Allen siblings. Who knows what they will accomplish next?