Joe Manganiello Net Worth: Everything You Need To Know


Joe Manganiello is an American actor, director, and producer who has made a name for himself in Hollywood. He is best known for his role as Alcide Herveaux in the hit TV series True Blood. Manganiello has also appeared in several films such as Magic Mike, Rampage, and Spider-Man. With his impressive acting skills, Manganiello has amassed a huge net worth over the years.

Early Life

Joe Manganiello was born on December 28, 1976, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a middle-class family and attended St. Bernard School and Mt. Lebanon High School. Manganiello was a talented athlete and played football, basketball, and volleyball in high school. He later attended the University of Pittsburgh and majored in drama.


Joe Manganiello started his acting career in 2002 when he appeared in an episode of the TV series CSI: Miami. He then went on to appear in several TV series such as ER, Las Vegas, and One Tree Hill. Manganiello gained widespread recognition for his role as Alcide Herveaux in the hit TV series True Blood. He also appeared in the film Magic Mike, which was a huge commercial success.

Over the years, Manganiello has appeared in several films such as Sabotage, Rampage, and Spider-Man. He has also directed and produced several films, including La Bare and Shoplifters of the World.

Personal Life

Joe Manganiello married actress Sofia Vergara in 2015. The couple met at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2014 and got engaged six months later. They got married in a lavish ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida, in November 2015.

Manganiello is also an advocate for several charities and causes. He is a supporter of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation and the Art of Elysium, which provides art workshops to hospitalized children.

Net Worth

Joe Manganiello’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. He has earned his fortune through his successful acting career and his work as a director and producer.

Manganiello has also appeared in several TV commercials and has endorsed several brands, including Pepsi and Samsung.


Joe Manganiello has had a successful career in Hollywood and has become a household name. With his impressive acting skills and good looks, he has won the hearts of many fans around the world. Manganiello’s net worth is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft.

As he continues to work on new projects, it is clear that Joe Manganiello’s star will continue to rise in Hollywood.