Island Boys Net Worth: A Comprehensive Look At Their Earnings


The Island Boys are an American duo comprising of Alex and Gabby, who went viral on social media platforms, especially TikTok, in 2021. The duo gained fame after releasing a song titled “Aloha” and their unconventional hairstyles, which included hair extensions and unique haircuts. Since then, they have amassed a considerable following, and people are curious about their net worth. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Island Boys’ net worth and how they make their earnings.

Early Life and Career

Alex and Gabby are both from Florida and have been friends since childhood. Before they became famous, Alex worked as a construction worker, while Gabby worked as a plumber. However, they always had a passion for music and started uploading videos on TikTok in 2020. Their breakthrough came when they released their song “Aloha,” which went viral and garnered millions of views.

How the Island Boys Make Their Money

The Island Boys are primarily social media influencers, and their earnings come from various sources, including brand endorsements, merchandise sales, and music royalties. They have collaborated with several brands, including Fashion Nova, and have released their merchandise, including T-shirts, hoodies, and hats.

Brand Endorsements

The Island Boys have a considerable following on social media, and brands are willing to pay them to promote their products. They have collaborated with several brands, including Fashion Nova, which is a popular fashion brand. The duo has also promoted several other products, including energy drinks and skincare products.

Merchandise Sales

The Island Boys have released their merchandise, which includes T-shirts, hoodies, and hats, and have been selling them on their website. The merchandise has been popular among their fans, and they have been making a considerable amount of money from it.

Music Royalties

The Island Boys have released several songs, including “Aloha,” “Famous,” and “Caribbean Queen.” They earn royalties from these songs whenever they are played on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Island Boys Net Worth

As of 2023, the Island Boys’ net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Their earnings come from various sources, as mentioned above, and their popularity on social media continues to grow. They have also been performing at concerts and events, which have contributed to their net worth.


The Island Boys have come a long way since they went viral on social media platforms. They have built a considerable following and are earning a significant amount of money from their various sources of income. Their net worth is expected to grow in the coming years, and they are here to stay.