In Her Own Words: For Lauren Gumport, working remotely powers smarter travel

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My name is Lauren Gonzalez and I am a senior at John A. Ferguson Senior Loftier School. Having run for four years I tin can definitely say that this twelvemonth so far has brought great achievements to our girls’ varsity team and myself every bit an individual.

Since my time on Fergusons cross country programme nosotros accept placed 11th, 15th, and 9th at the state meet. Last year was the offset time in Fergusons history that the girl cantankerous country squad even breaks the top 10. To meet how much my squad has grown equally a whole from just one year is remarkable. This twelvemonth every bit we contend to be i of the top five teams at the land meet and all of u.s. have been putting in more than time and difficult work than ever before. The amount of talent in our classification can be seen in schools such as Constitute, Our Lady of Lourdes, Hagerty, and more. To come across our girls program finally at that competitive level is withal unbelievable to me every bit I’ve seen this plan abound and then much.

This year has brought tough courses (Deja Vu) and competitive races within the starting time three weeks of the season. This past weekend I ran the Spanish River Invitational winning as an individual for 4A.I was and so happy to accept won one of my favorite races and winning a very competitive race against St Thomas Aquinas. This was one of my many goals this year. Though my team placed second we are more than determined than ever. This calendar week we came back and raced on our own dwelling house course for our very ain Falcon Invitational. This had to be one of the all-time races our daughter’s team has run all twelvemonth long coming in with a spread of just 24 seconds, placing six of our girls within the summit x, and beating out Lourdes for the win. Running on our dwelling class was a neat advantage to us, but we always know it doesn’t matter how well you lot know Larry and Penny considering it’southward always very hot and humid. We always joke effectually saying that Larry and Penny must take a somewhat like dome effectually its self, considering even if there’s a hurricane on the manner for some reason the minute we stand on the line the sun comes out. Even though I placed seconded at our invitational I’m and so proud of our squad.

This week’s training consisted of long runs, pace piece of work, cadre work, and you tin can’t forget quarter workouts, Raposo’s favorite. We’ve focused our preparation manner more on pacing then speed this season since nosotros know the near important aspect of a race is being able to pace yourself through every mile. This weekend nosotros are having our annual run-a-thon on our very own track to aid support our cross-country team. This is a slap-up mode to get the whole team together and bring out everyone from the family to enjoy delicious barbecue and raise coin to go to out of town races such as Flrunners.

Every bit Flrunners weekend approaches I’yard anxious to come across how I will exercise hoping to finish in the summit thirty in the elite division and coming in top three every bit a squad. This year has been a year filled with memories and friendships that will always remain in my heart, and hopefully the year volition finish with our girls placing peak five at the country run into and my goal of coming in top x as an individual. Nobody knows what the season might bring, but I’m excited to see !

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