Husband Mina Kimes: The Man Behind The Successful Sports Journalist


Mina Kimes is a well-known sports journalist who has made a name for herself in the industry. She has worked with various reputable news outlets and has earned a reputation for being an insightful and intelligent commentator on all things sports. But behind every successful woman is a supportive and loving partner. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the man behind Mina Kimes’ success – her husband.

Who is Mina Kimes’ Husband?

Mina Kimes’ husband is Nick Sylvester. Nick is a music producer and writer who has worked with several popular artists, including Chance the Rapper and Run the Jewels. Nick and Mina met while they were both working in New York City. They hit it off immediately and have been together ever since.

Their Relationship

Nick and Mina’s relationship is one of mutual support and admiration. They frequently share sweet messages about each other on social media, and Nick has been known to attend Mina’s sports events to show his support. Despite their busy schedules, the couple makes time for each other. They often take trips together and enjoy exploring new places.

Supporting Each Other’s Careers

One of the things that make Nick and Mina’s relationship so special is their unwavering support for each other’s careers. Mina has frequently mentioned how Nick has been a source of inspiration for her. His creative work ethic has motivated her to work harder and pursue her dreams relentlessly. Similarly, Mina has been a constant support system for Nick. She often attends his shows and promotes his work on social media.

Their Wedding

Nick and Mina tied the knot in 2015 in a small ceremony in Seattle. The couple opted for an intimate wedding with close friends and family in attendance. Mina looked stunning in a white gown, and Nick looked dapper in a black suit. The couple exchanged vows and celebrated their love with a reception filled with dancing and laughter.

Life as a Married Couple

Nick and Mina’s married life is filled with love, laughter, and adventure. They often share pictures of their travels and their beloved pets on social media. Despite their busy schedules, the couple makes time for each other. They frequently have date nights and enjoy cooking meals together at home.


Nick Sylvester may not be a household name like his wife, Mina Kimes, but he is undoubtedly an essential part of her success. Their relationship is one of mutual support, admiration, and love. They have shown that two successful individuals can come together and build a beautiful life filled with adventure and happiness. We wish Nick and Mina all the best in their future endeavors, both personally and professionally.