Good Good Golf Net Worth: A Look At The Rising Success Of A Unique Golf Brand

The Birth of Good Good Golf

In 2017, two college roommates, Connor and Drew, decided to combine their passion for golf and entrepreneurship to create Good Good Golf. They started by making videos of their golf games and posting them on YouTube. However, they soon realized that they could do more with their unique style of golfing.

The Unique Style of Good Good Golf

Good Good Golf is not your typical golf brand. They don’t focus on the technical aspects of the game, but rather on the fun and entertaining side of golf. They often play unconventional games on the golf course, such as “putt-putt on the green” and “closest to the pin with a frisbee.” They also have a popular podcast where they talk about all things golf and interview professional golfers.

The Rise of Good Good Golf

Since its inception, Good Good Golf has quickly gained a following. Their YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers, and their podcast has been downloaded millions of times. They have also released a line of merchandise, including hats, shirts, and golf balls. Their brand has become synonymous with fun and entertaining golf content.

The Net Worth of Good Good Golf

Good Good Golf’s success has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, their net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. This includes revenue from their YouTube channel, podcast, merchandise sales, and sponsorships.

The Revenue Streams of Good Good Golf

The majority of Good Good Golf’s revenue comes from their YouTube channel. They monetize their videos through ads and sponsorships. They also make money from their podcast through sponsorships and merchandise sales. Their merchandise line has been a big hit, with golfers around the world sporting their hats and shirts. They also have sponsorships from big golf brands like Titleist and Callaway.

The Future of Good Good Golf

Good Good Golf shows no signs of slowing down. They continue to release entertaining and informative content on their YouTube channel and podcast. They also plan to expand their merchandise line and work with more golf brands in the future.

The Impact of Good Good Golf

Good Good Golf has had a significant impact on the golf industry. They have brought a fun and entertaining element to a sport that is often seen as stuffy and exclusive. They have also introduced a new generation of golfers to the game, which has helped to grow the sport.

The Legacy of Good Good Golf

Good Good Golf’s legacy will be one of innovation and creativity. They have shown that there is more to golf than just technical skill and that anyone can enjoy the sport. They have also paved the way for other golf content creators to follow in their footsteps.

The Lessons from Good Good Golf

Good Good Golf teaches us that success can come from doing something unique and different. They also show us that it’s possible to turn a passion into a successful business. Finally, they remind us that having fun and enjoying what you do is just as important as making money.


Good Good Golf is a rising success story in the golf industry. They have created a unique brand that has gained a following around the world. Their net worth is a testament to their hard work and dedication to entertaining and informative content. They have also had a significant impact on the golf industry, introducing a new generation of golfers to the sport. Good Good Golf’s legacy will continue to inspire and innovate in the years to come.