Ferran Torres Girlfriend: Everything You Need To Know About His Love Life In 2023


Ferran Torres is one of the most talented soccer players in the world, and he has been making waves in the football community since he was a teenager. Torres has been in the spotlight for his impressive skills on the field, but many people are also curious about his personal life, particularly his girlfriend.

Who Is Ferran Torres?

Before we dive into Torres’ love life, let’s take a brief look at who he is. Ferran Torres is a Spanish professional footballer who currently plays as a winger for Manchester City and the Spanish national team. He was born on February 29, 2000, in Foios, Spain, and he started playing football at a young age.

Early Career

Torres began his career with Valencia CF, where he played in the club’s youth academy. He made his professional debut in 2017 and quickly became a key player for the team. In 2020, he signed with Manchester City for a reported fee of €23 million, making him one of the most expensive Spanish players of all time.

Personal Life

Now, let’s get into the juicy details about Ferran Torres’ love life. As of 2023, Torres is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Marta Díaz. Díaz is a Spanish model and influencer who has gained a large following on social media.

Who Is Marta Díaz?

Marta Díaz was born on August 23, 1999, in Madrid, Spain. She started her career as a model and quickly gained popularity on social media, particularly on Instagram. Díaz has over 1 million followers on the platform, where she posts photos of her daily life, fashion, and travel.

How Did Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz Meet?

It is unclear how Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz met, but it is believed that they have been dating for several years. The couple keeps their relationship relatively private, but they have been spotted together in public on several occasions.

Relationship Status

As of 2023, Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz are still together and going strong. They often share photos of each other on social media, and it is clear that they are deeply in love.

What Is Their Relationship Like?

Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz seem to have a strong and supportive relationship. Despite their busy schedules, they make time for each other and often travel together. They also share a love for fashion and often attend events and fashion shows together.

Public Appearances

Although they keep their relationship relatively private, Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz have been spotted together at several public events. They often attend football games together and have been seen at fashion events and parties.

Social Media Presence

Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz both have a strong presence on social media, and they often share photos of each other on their respective accounts. They also frequently comment on each other’s posts, showing their love and support for one another.

Future Plans

As of 2023, it is unclear what the future holds for Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz. Torres is still young and has a promising career ahead of him, while Díaz is continuing to build her brand as a model and influencer.

Marriage and Children

Although they have not publicly discussed their plans for marriage and children, many fans are hoping that the couple will tie the knot in the future. However, given their busy schedules, it may be some time before they are ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Career Goals

Both Ferran Torres and Marta Díaz have ambitious career goals, and they are both working hard to achieve them. Torres hopes to continue his success on the football field, while Díaz is focused on growing her brand and expanding her reach as a model and influencer.


In conclusion, Ferran Torres is not only a talented footballer but also a devoted boyfriend to his girlfriend, Marta Díaz. Although they keep their relationship relatively private, it is clear that they have a strong and supportive bond. As they continue to achieve their career goals, fans will undoubtedly be watching closely to see what the future holds for this power couple.