Erica Enders And Her Husband: A Love Story


Erica Enders is a well-known name in the world of drag racing. The two-time NHRA Pro Stock world champion has made a name for herself in a sport that’s dominated by men. But behind every successful woman is a supportive partner, and Erica’s husband, Richie Stevens, has been by her side through it all. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Erica Enders and her husband’s relationship, their journey together, and how they balance their personal and professional lives.

Who is Erica Enders?

Erica Enders was born on October 8, 1983, in Houston, Texas. She grew up in a racing family and started competing in the Junior Dragster category when she was just eight years old. In 2005, Erica made her debut in the Pro Stock class, becoming the first woman to qualify for an NHRA Pro Stock race. She won her first Pro Stock race in 2012 and made history by becoming the first woman to win a Pro Stock championship in 2014. She repeated her success in 2015, cementing her place as one of the best racers in the sport.

Who is Richie Stevens?

Richie Stevens is a former NHRA Pro Stock racer who retired from racing in 2016. He was born on September 22, 1979, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Richie started racing when he was just 16 years old and made his NHRA debut in 1998. He won his first NHRA Pro Stock race in 2001 and went on to win two more races in his career. Richie and Erica met in 2014 and got married in 2015.

Erica and Richie’s Love Story

Erica and Richie met through mutual friends at a race in 2014. They hit it off immediately and started dating soon after. Erica has said in interviews that Richie’s support and encouragement have been a big part of her success. Richie has also been quoted saying that he’s proud of Erica and loves watching her compete. The couple got engaged in 2015 and tied the knot later that year.

Balancing Personal and Professional Lives

Balancing personal and professional lives can be challenging for any couple, but it’s especially true for athletes who travel frequently for competitions. Erica and Richie have found a way to make it work by supporting each other’s careers and making time for each other whenever possible. They also share a love for fitness and often work out together. Erica has said that Richie is her best friend and that they have a strong bond that helps them through the ups and downs of life.

Erica’s Achievements

Erica’s achievements in drag racing are impressive, to say the least. She has won a total of 30 NHRA Pro Stock races, two Pro Stock championships, and has set multiple records in the sport. She’s also the only woman to win in the Pro Mod category at the U.S. Nationals. Erica’s success has paved the way for other women in the sport and has inspired a new generation of female racers.

Richie’s Retirement

In 2016, Richie announced his retirement from racing. He cited the high cost of competing and the toll it takes on his family as the reasons for his decision. However, he’s still involved in the sport and often helps Erica with her car. Richie has also found a new passion in music and has released several singles as a country singer.

Erica and Richie’s Future

Erica and Richie’s future looks bright. Erica is still competing in NHRA Pro Stock races and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s also a spokesperson for organizations like the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the March of Dimes. Richie is pursuing his music career and has said in interviews that he’s excited about what the future holds. The couple has also talked about starting a family in the future.


Erica Enders and Richie Stevens are a true power couple. They’ve overcome challenges, supported each other’s careers, and built a strong foundation for their relationship. Erica’s achievements in drag racing have made her a household name, and Richie’s retirement from racing has allowed him to pursue his passion for music. Together, they’re an inspiration to others and a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.