Emily Compagno Married: All You Need To Know


Emily Compagno is a famous American attorney, sports analyst, and former NFL cheerleader. She is known for her work as a legal analyst on Fox News and as a contributor to various sports networks. Emily Compagno is also known for her personal life, especially her marriage. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Emily Compagno’s marriage.

Early Life and Career

Emily Compagno was born in Oak Knoll, California, in 1979. She grew up in a military family and attended the University of Washington, where she earned a degree in Political Science. Emily Compagno then attended the University of San Francisco School of Law and earned a Juris Doctor degree.

After law school, Emily Compagno worked as a criminal defense attorney in California. She also worked as a civil litigator and a federal attorney. In 2010, Emily Compagno joined the Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad, where she cheered for two seasons.

Television Career

Emily Compagno’s television career began in 2013 when she appeared on the reality show “The Bachelor.” She then appeared on other reality shows such as “The Amazing Race” and “American Ninja Warrior.”

In 2018, Emily Compagno joined Fox News as a legal analyst. She has since made regular appearances on the network, commenting on legal issues and current events. Emily Compagno has also appeared on other networks such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports.

Marriage and Personal Life

Emily Compagno is married to Jon Skoog, a former Marine and a business executive. The couple met in 2015 and got engaged in 2017. Emily Compagno and Jon Skoog got married in September 2018 in a private ceremony in Italy.

Emily Compagno and Jon Skoog have not shared many details about their marriage or their personal life. However, they have been spotted together at various events and have shared photos on social media.

Emily Compagno’s Hobbies and Interests

Emily Compagno is not just a legal analyst and a cheerleader. She is also an avid traveler and a fitness enthusiast. Emily Compagno has shared photos on social media of her travels to various destinations around the world, including Italy, Greece, and Thailand.

Emily Compagno is also a fitness enthusiast and has shared photos and videos of her workouts on social media. She is a fan of yoga, Pilates, and weightlifting.


In conclusion, Emily Compagno is a talented attorney, sports analyst, and former NFL cheerleader. She is also happily married to Jon Skoog, and the couple has kept their personal life private. Emily Compagno’s hobbies and interests include traveling and fitness. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Emily Compagno’s marriage and personal life.