Everything You Need To Know About Eleven's Season 4 Outfits


Stranger Things Season 4 is just around the corner, and fans can hardly contain their excitement. The show has gained a massive following since its first season, and it’s all thanks to its relatable characters, intriguing plotlines, and of course, its iconic fashion. In particular, Eleven’s outfits have always been a major talking point among fans, and Season 4 promises to be no different.

Eleven’s Outfits in Season 4

In the upcoming season, Eleven’s style takes a darker turn. The trailers have already given us a glimpse of her new outfits, and they’re nothing short of stunning. Eleven’s iconic pink dress is replaced with darker, edgier pieces that reflect her growth and maturity as a character.

The Utility Jumpsuit

One of the most talked-about outfits in the trailers is Eleven’s utility jumpsuit. This utilitarian piece is a departure from her usual feminine style, but it’s perfect for her new role as a freedom fighter. The jumpsuit is a deep green color, and it’s made from sturdy, durable material that’s perfect for toughing it out in the Upside Down.

The Leather Jacket

Another standout piece in Eleven’s wardrobe is her leather jacket. This jacket is a departure from her usual soft, feminine style, but it suits her new, tougher persona perfectly. The jacket is black with silver hardware, and it’s made from high-quality leather that’s both stylish and practical.

The Combat Boots

No tough girl look is complete without a pair of combat boots, and Eleven’s new wardrobe has plenty of them. Her boots are black with thick soles and silver hardware, and they’re perfect for kicking some demogorgon butt.

Eleven’s Style Evolution

Eleven’s style has evolved a lot since we first met her in Season 1. In the early seasons, her wardrobe was limited to the clothes that were available to her in the lab. However, as she gained more freedom and independence, her style began to reflect her personality and her growth as a character.

Season 1

In Season 1, Eleven’s wardrobe was limited to a pink dress and a blonde wig. The dress was simple and feminine, reflecting her innocence and vulnerability as a character.

Season 2

In Season 2, Eleven’s wardrobe began to reflect her newfound freedom and independence. She wore a range of outfits, from a punk rock t-shirt to a girly, pink romper. Her style was eclectic and reflected her growing confidence and sense of self.

Season 3

In Season 3, Eleven’s style took a more retro turn. She wore a lot of brightly colored, patterned outfits that reflected the 80s setting of the show. Her style was still feminine, but it had a fun, playful edge to it.


Eleven’s outfits have always been a major talking point among Stranger Things fans, and Season 4 promises to be no different. Her new wardrobe reflects her growth and maturity as a character, and it’s sure to inspire plenty of cosplay and fashion trends. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual viewer, there’s no denying that Eleven’s style is a major part of what makes Stranger Things so iconic.