Discover The Fascinating World Of Dragon Age Dwarven Names


Dragon Age is a popular video game that features a fascinating world of magic, dragons, and warriors. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the naming conventions of the different races. In this article, we will explore the world of Dragon Age dwarven names in relaxed English language.

The History of Dwarven Names in Dragon Age

The dwarves in Dragon Age have a rich history and culture, and their naming conventions reflect this. Dwarven names are often based on their clan, family, or profession. They also tend to use a lot of consonants and hard sounds, which reflects their tough and resilient nature.

Clan Names

One of the most common ways that dwarves are named in Dragon Age is by their clan. Some examples of popular dwarf clans in the game include the Cadash, the Ortan Thaig, and the House Helmi. These names often have a strong, proud sound to them, as they are meant to represent the history and traditions of the clan.

Family Names

In addition to clan names, dwarves in Dragon Age also have family names. These names are often based on the profession of the family or a notable event in their history. For example, the family name “Smith” might indicate that the family is known for their metalworking skills.

Common Dwarven Names in Dragon Age

While there are countless possible dwarf names in Dragon Age, there are a few that are particularly common. Some of these include:


Bhelen is a common dwarf name in Dragon Age, and it is often associated with the House Aeducan. This name has a strong, proud sound to it, and it is often given to powerful and influential dwarves.


Duncan is another common dwarf name in Dragon Age. This name is often associated with warriors and soldiers, as it has a strong and commanding sound to it.


Filda is a more unique dwarf name in Dragon Age, and it is often associated with female dwarves. This name has a softer sound to it, which reflects the more nurturing and caring roles that many female dwarves play in their communities.

How to Choose a Dwarven Name in Dragon Age

If you are looking to create a dwarf character in Dragon Age, choosing the right name is important. Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect name:

Consider Your Character’s Background

Think about your character’s clan, family, and profession when choosing a name. This will help you select a name that is appropriate for your character’s history and role in the game.

Think About the Sound of the Name

Dwarven names in Dragon Age tend to have a lot of consonants and hard sounds. Consider this when choosing a name, as it will help your character fit in more with the other dwarves in the game.

Research Existing Names

Take a look at the names of existing dwarf characters in Dragon Age for inspiration. This will give you a sense of the naming conventions in the game and help you choose a name that feels authentic.


Dwarven names in Dragon Age are an important part of the game’s rich and fascinating world. Whether you are a fan of the game or just looking for inspiration for your own characters, understanding the history and conventions of dwarf naming can help you create a more immersive and authentic experience.