Dawn Staley's Personal Life: Meet Her Spouse!


Dawn Staley is a legendary basketball player and coach who has made a significant impact in the sports industry. Her accomplishments and contributions to basketball have earned her recognition and admiration worldwide. However, beyond her professional life, Dawn Staley has a personal life that is equally fascinating. In this article, we will delve into her personal life and meet her spouse.

Who is Dawn Staley?

Dawn Staley is an American basketball coach and former player. She was born on May 4, 1970, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During her playing career, she played for the University of Virginia and the Charlotte Sting, among other teams. Following her playing career, she transitioned to coaching and is currently the head coach of the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team.

Meet Dawn Staley’s Spouse

Dawn Staley is married to Lisa Boyer. Lisa is a former basketball coach who has worked with several professional teams, including the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. She is currently the Associate Head Coach of Women’s Basketball at the University of South Carolina, where her wife Dawn is the head coach.

Their Love Story

Dawn and Lisa met in 2000 when Lisa was serving as an assistant coach for the Cleveland Rockers, a team in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Dawn was playing for the Charlotte Sting at the time, and the two hit it off instantly. They started dating and eventually got married in 2015 after being together for over a decade.

Their Marriage

Dawn and Lisa’s marriage was a private affair that took place in October 2015. The wedding ceremony was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was attended by their family and close friends. The couple has been together for over 20 years and continues to support each other in their respective careers.

Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Dawn and Lisa’s marriage is a testament to their love for each other and their support for the LGBTQ+ community. They have been vocal advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and have used their platform to raise awareness about the issue. They have also been involved in several LGBTQ+ initiatives and organizations, including the Athlete Ally and You Can Play Project.


Dawn Staley’s personal life is just as fascinating as her professional life. Her love story with Lisa Boyer is a beautiful testament to their love and commitment to each other. Their marriage has also been a source of inspiration for the LGBTQ+ community, and they have used their platform to raise awareness about the issue. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors, both personal and professional.