Dave Bautista's Wife: Who Is She And What You Need To Know


Dave Bautista, also known as Batista, is a former professional wrestler turned actor who has gained worldwide fame for his roles in blockbuster films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Endgame. While he is known for his impressive physique, many fans are curious about the woman behind the man. In this article, we will be discussing Dave Bautista’s wife, who she is, and what you need to know.

Early Life and Career

Born on January 18th, 1969, in Washington D.C, Dave Bautista grew up in poverty and faced many challenges throughout his childhood. He eventually found his way into the world of professional wrestling, where he gained fame and success as a WWE superstar. In 2010, he announced his retirement from wrestling to pursue a career in acting.

Meet Sarah Jade

Dave Bautista’s wife is Sarah Jade, a professional pole dancer, and instructor. The couple met in a Tampa, Florida gym where Sarah was teaching a pole dancing class, and Bautista was working out. The couple quickly hit it off, and in October 2015, they tied the knot in a private ceremony in Florida.

Who is Sarah Jade?

Sarah Jade was born on December 12th, 1987, in Tampa, Florida. She has been dancing since the age of three, and after discovering pole dancing in 2007, she fell in love with the art form. She has won numerous awards and competitions, including the prestigious Miss Pole Dance America title in 2016.

Their Relationship

Dave Bautista and Sarah Jade’s relationship has been a topic of interest for many fans. Despite the 20-year age gap between them, the couple seems to be deeply in love and has a strong bond. They often share their love for each other on social media, and Bautista has even credited Jade for helping him overcome his personal struggles.

Family Life

Dave Bautista and Sarah Jade do not have any children together. However, Bautista has two daughters from his previous marriage, and Jade has a daughter from a previous relationship. The couple often spends time with their extended family, and Bautista has been known to share photos of their family gatherings on social media.


Like many celebrities, Dave Bautista and Sarah Jade have faced their fair share of controversies. In 2019, Bautista made headlines when he publicly criticized Disney for firing director James Gunn from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Bautista threatened to quit the franchise if Gunn was not reinstated, but eventually, Disney rehired Gunn.

The Future

Dave Bautista and Sarah Jade seem to be happy and content in their relationship, and fans can expect to see more of them in the future. Bautista has several upcoming film projects, including a starring role in the highly anticipated film Dune, while Jade continues to teach and perform pole dancing.


Dave Bautista’s wife, Sarah Jade, may not be as well-known as her famous husband, but she is a talented and accomplished woman with a passion for dance. The couple’s love story is one that has captured the hearts of many, and fans can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.