Coach O's Girlfriend: All You Need To Know In 2023

Who is Coach O’s Girlfriend?

In 2023, the world of sports is buzzing with the news of Coach O’s girlfriend. Ed Orgeron, popularly known as Coach O, is the head coach of the Louisiana State University (LSU) football team. He has been dating a woman named Kelly since 2022, and the media is keen to know more about her.

How Did They Meet?

According to reports, Coach O and Kelly met at a charity event in Baton Rouge. Kelly is a businesswoman and has been living in Louisiana for a few years. The couple hit it off instantly and have been together ever since.

What Do We Know About Kelly?

Kelly is a private person and has kept a low profile in the media. However, sources close to her reveal that she is a successful entrepreneur who runs her own business. She is also actively involved in philanthropic activities and supports various charities.

The Controversies Surrounding Their Relationship

Coach O’s girlfriend has been the subject of controversy in the media. Some critics have questioned her involvement in the LSU football program, while others have accused her of using the relationship for personal gain.

Her Involvement in the LSU Football Program

There have been rumors that Kelly has been involved in the LSU football program, with some speculating that she has been influencing Coach O’s decisions. However, these claims have been vehemently denied by both Coach O and Kelly.

Using the Relationship for Personal Gain

Some critics have accused Kelly of using the relationship for personal gain, claiming that she has been using her boyfriend’s position to promote her business. However, these claims have not been substantiated, and Kelly has maintained her silence on the matter.

What Does Coach O Think About the Media Attention?

Coach O has been vocal about his displeasure with the media attention surrounding his girlfriend. He has stated that he wishes to keep his personal life private and that the media should focus on his team’s performance on the field.

The Impact on the LSU Football Program

The media attention surrounding Coach O’s girlfriend has had an impact on the LSU football program. Some fans have criticized the coach’s focus on his personal life, while others have defended his right to privacy.

What Does the Future Hold for Coach O and Kelly?

Despite the controversies, Coach O and Kelly seem to be going strong. The couple has been spotted at various events, and their relationship appears to be getting stronger.

Marriage and Family

There have been rumors that Coach O and Kelly are planning to get married soon. However, neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumors. Some sources also claim that the couple is planning to start a family in the near future.

Career Moves

Kelly’s business and philanthropic activities are likely to keep her busy in the coming years. Meanwhile, Coach O is focused on leading the LSU football team to victory. It remains to be seen what career moves the couple will make in the future.


Coach O’s girlfriend has been the subject of media attention in 2023. While the couple has faced controversies, they seem to be going strong. As Coach O continues to lead the LSU football team, fans will be keeping a close eye on his personal life and the impact it has on the program.