Cathy Hughes Net Worth: A Look At The Media Mogul's Wealth In 2023

Who is Cathy Hughes?

Cathy Hughes is a media mogul and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the broadcasting industry. She is the founder and chairperson of Urban One, a multimedia company that primarily targets African American and urban audiences. Hughes has been in the media industry for over three decades, and her contributions have earned her numerous accolades and recognition, including being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Early Life and Career

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Hughes grew up in a family that was heavily involved in the media industry. Her father, William Alfred Woods, was the first African American to own a radio station in the United States. Hughes attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln but dropped out to pursue a career in radio. She started off as a lecturer and radio host at Howard University’s radio station, WHUR, before moving on to become a salesperson at a radio station in Washington D.C.

Founding of Urban One

In 1980, Hughes founded a radio station, WOL-AM, in Washington D.C. The station primarily targeted African American audiences, which was a novel concept at the time. The station’s success led to the founding of Radio One, a multimedia company that would eventually become Urban One. Over the years, Hughes expanded the company’s reach by launching TV One, a cable TV network that targets African American audiences, and Reach Media, a syndication company that distributes radio shows hosted by African American personalities.

Cathy Hughes Net Worth

As of 2023, Cathy Hughes’ net worth is estimated to be around $500 million. Her wealth primarily comes from her ownership stake in Urban One, which is a publicly traded company. The company’s stock price has been on an upward trajectory, driven by its successful expansion into new markets and the growing demand for content that targets African American audiences. Hughes’ net worth is also boosted by her other ventures, including a real estate portfolio and her philanthropic work.


Hughes is a passionate philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to various causes. She has donated to organizations that focus on education, health, and social justice issues. In 2016, she donated $4 million to Howard University to establish the Cathy Hughes School of Communications, which is named after her.


Cathy Hughes is a trailblazer in the media industry, and her contributions have had a significant impact on the representation of African American voices in mainstream media. Her wealth is a testament to her business acumen and dedication to her craft. As she continues to expand her media empire, it will be interesting to see how her net worth evolves in the coming years.