The Life Of Armando Bacot's Parents


Armando Bacot is a well-known basketball player who has made a name for himself in the sports industry. However, not much is known about his family background. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Armando Bacot’s parents and their journey to raising a successful son.

Early Life of Armando Bacot’s Parents

Armando Bacot’s parents, Mary and Anthony Bacot, were both born and raised in North Carolina. They grew up in humble beginnings and had to work hard to make ends meet. Mary worked as a nurse while Anthony worked as a construction worker.

Despite their struggles, Mary and Anthony instilled the value of education in their children. They believed that education was the key to success and encouraged their children to pursue higher education.

Their Love Story

Mary and Anthony met in their early 20s and fell in love. They got married soon after and started a family. They had three children, including Armando. Mary and Anthony were a team and supported each other through thick and thin.

Armando’s Childhood

Armando was born on September 28, 1999, in Richmond, Virginia. He grew up in a loving household and was raised with strong family values. Armando was always interested in sports and began playing basketball at a young age.

Mary and Anthony were supportive of their son’s interests and encouraged him to pursue his passion. They enrolled Armando in basketball camps and tournaments, which helped him develop his skills.

Challenges Faced

Despite their hard work and dedication, Mary and Anthony faced many challenges in raising their children. They struggled to make ends meet and often had to work multiple jobs to provide for their family.

Armando faced his own set of challenges as a young basketball player. He had to work hard to improve his skills and faced tough competition from other players. However, with the support of his parents, Armando was able to overcome these challenges and become a successful basketball player.

Armando’s Success

Armando’s hard work paid off when he was offered a scholarship to play basketball at the University of North Carolina. He accepted the offer and became a part of the UNC basketball team in 2019.

Mary and Anthony were overjoyed at their son’s success and proud of all that he had accomplished. They continued to support him throughout his college career and cheered him on from the sidelines.


Mary and Anthony Bacot are the unsung heroes of Armando’s success story. Their hard work, dedication, and love for their children played a vital role in shaping Armando into the successful basketball player he is today. We should never forget the sacrifices that parents make to support their children’s dreams and aspirations.

Armando’s success is a testament to the values and principles instilled in him by his parents. We should all strive to emulate their example and support our loved ones in their pursuit of success.